Preview: Orlando Magic at New York Knicks | Magic Basketball



Mar 28

Preview: Orlando Magic at New York Knicks

7:00 EDT | Sun Sports
47-26 @ 35-38
Pythagorean Record: 51-22 Pythagorean Record: 37-36
Pace: 92.0 (16th) Pace: 95.7 (2nd)
Offensive Rating: 108.0 (14th) Offensive Rating: 110.4 (7th)
Defensive Rating: 101.9 (3rd) Defensive Rating: 110.2 (23rd)
Madison Square Garden | Magic lead season series 3-0
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I usually don't complain about the refs but I'm going to make an exception. Overtime was horribly officiated. The call that made me the most upset wasn't Dwight's sixth foul (although it was a bit sketchy) but Richardson foul against Carmelo. Carmelo clearly fouled Richardson which Dick Bravetto refused to call and then when he retaliated he got called for foul. I did a Wikipedia google search and Dick is 71 years old. And while I'm sure he has been employed for so long by the NBA for a reason, I think its time for Bravetto to get his gold watch and retire. I think at this point his mental and physical decline as a 71 year old outweigh his considerable experience as a ref.