Preview: Chicago Bulls at Orlando Magic | Magic Basketball



Apr 10

Preview: Chicago Bulls at Orlando Magic

1:00 EDT | ABC
59-20 @ 50-29
Pythagorean Record: 59-20 Pythagorean Record: 54-25
Pace: 90.4 (22nd) Pace: 91.5 (17th)
Offensive Rating: 108.1 (11th) Offensive Rating: 107.8 (14th)
Defensive Rating: 100.1 (1st) Defensive Rating: 102.0 (3rd)
Amway Center | Bulls lead season series 2-1

Great game!! Not even that disappointed that the Magic loss since it really did mean anything in term of playoffs seeding. Jason Richardson looked great tonight, the couple of games off has really seemed to revitalize him. Turk had another awful game, really concerned about Deng defense if we play Chicago in the second round.