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May 04

Many needs and few assets

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Via Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel:

An unconventional power forward, [Ryan] Anderson intrigues teams. He has size at 6-feet 10, can shoot the 3 and could be a better post-up player with some weight-room work. What also is appealing is Anderson’s salary over the next three seasons: $1.4 million, $2.2 million, $3.2 million. He could be the “sweetener” the [Orlando] Magic would have to add to a deal that returns a starting shooting guard or power forward.

What the Magic have with [Brandon] Bass, in reality, is a starting power forward that would be a solid back-up on other teams. If you could only splice Bass and Anderson together in some Swedish laboratory, you’d have a star, although neither are great defenders. Bass is labeled “No-Pass Bass” because you’ll seldom get the ball back from him. But he can shoot it from medium range, and he also has a power game. Too bad he’s only about 6-7. Like Anderson, he has a friendly contract ($4 mill for each of the next two seasons.)

I think shooting guard J.J. Redick has some value as a 3-point threat and ball-mover, although teams aren’t wild about his remaining two seasons at $6.5 million and $6 million.

Locked into some long-term contracts and in a salary-cap situation comparable to the national debt, the Magic can only hope that Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon rebound to increase their value. Gilbert Arenas? Even if he bounced back, other franchises still fear his dog-eared baggage.

General manager Otis Smith has his work cut out for him in the offseason. The blockbuster trades in December have left Smith with little wiggle room to fix the roster.

magic fan since 93
magic fan since 93

what orlando really needs to get big,arenas,j-rich,howard,turk,and trade nelson for a big power foward that can shoot,and trade bass for a true back up center.

Carlo Simone
Carlo Simone

I agree that many teams would pick up Redick in a heartbeat but I don't know that we would get a player back that is useful enough to warrant it. The PF position seems to have the best assets, but again I don't know that we would get better guys back.

On the Coaches Show yesterday, Van Gundy said he was looking for a guy that could cut hard to the basket. I think we lost that when we let Barnes go, so getting a guy like that using one of our PFs and letting J-Rich go to free up space may work. But if we let Bass or Anderson go then we have to address the lack of backup for Dwight even more.

Like you said, very little wiggle room. The problem isn't that our guys are terrible. It's that they're terrible and vastly overpaid. There are tons of teams that would take on Hedo or Arenas if they weren't making such crazy salaries. Those players are very useful in their own ways. It's like we went around the league and just gave every player horrible contracts and then found more horrible contracts to take on.