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May 09

Magic fans appreciated throughout Central Florida

Photo by Fernando Medina/Orlando Magic

Via the Orlando Magic:

Friday, May 6, was no ordinary day for Magic fans. Whether fans were driving their children to school, heading to work or grabbing some breakfast, Magic fans across the city of Orlando couldn’t get far from their house without receiving a big THANK YOU for all their support and dedication to the Orlando Magic. A number of “Thank You Fans” banners, posters, T-shirts and a giant billboard seemed to MAGICALLY appear out of thin air all over town. Banners were seen hanging on overpasses, Lady Liberty, near Lake Ivanhoe, was wearing a “Thank You Fans” T-shirt and a billboard on I-4 near Lake Mary gave a special shout out to Orlando’s strong fan base.

Bizz David
Bizz David

The Laker's SHOULD trade kobe. I won't pretend to know their feelings on it but looking at their squad after that trade:
Chris Paul/ArenasJarret Jack/Shannon BrownArtest/Walton/BarnesOdom/OkaforHoward/Okafor/Odom
That is the best defensive and offensive squad in the league at the SAME TIME. Lakers would be dunce not to pull the trigger on making that team happen.

The Hornets are owned by the NBA, and their concern is being a profitable franchise. By getting Kobe and cutting costs to beneath the salary cap they will always sell out since they have omgz@4ce0316a6b903abb9ced52c88e8bd2be:disqus 24mambajuice and do it with a cheaper over head than they do now. In the absolute worst case scenario they dump kobe for a young player and some picks and then they are WAY under cap in one trade. After that they'd have enough money to get any 2 free agents.

I think it makes sense for all involved, but only if Howard and CP3 both want out. The chances of one of them doing it is decent, the chances of both? I don't know, but not good.

Bizz David
Bizz David

Why? If paul and howard made it clear to management they weren't going to stay, why wouldn't either of them take those pieces? Magic get to unload arenas, hornets unload okafor and get a cheaper version in bass. The hold up is kobe, I don't know if he would refuse the trade based on pride, but even then there's a chance no trade clause goes out the window this summer. So who turns it down? If it doesn't go this way with both players wanting out, which GM you think says no?