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Dec 09

Magic waive Gilbert Arenas


The Orlando Magic have waived guard Gilbert Arenas and designated him as the team’s amnesty player, President of Basketball Operations/General Manager Otis Smith announced today.

UPDATE: This is what I wrote in Gilbert Arenas’ player evaluation in June:

The Arenas that the Magic got, for the most part, was an inefficient shooting, turnover-prone, sometimes-hobbled player. There were those that argued that Arenas needed a lot of minutes to be effective. Thing is, in 29 of Arenas’ 49 games with Orlando, he played more than 20 minutes a night. If anything, head coach Stan Van Gundy displayed an extreme amount of patience with Arenas, giving him a lot more rope that he probably deserved.

It’s true that Arenas’ freelancing ways didn’t mesh well in Van Gundy’s structured schemes offensively. But it’s also true that Arenas’ freelancing ways were precisely what the Magic were trying to inject into a lifeless offense.

It didn’t work.

Arenas was brought on to — in theory — provide a scoring punch on the perimeter. That didn’t happen. Instead, the Orlando Magic got a delusional player that thought he was still a superstar from 2006. The problem is that many of Arenas’ skills had left him long ago and he hasn’t come to grips with that yet.

Arenas was a spectacular failure with the Magic and even though they have to pay the remainder of his contract, this move creates a little payroll flexibility because it no longer counts against the team’s salary cap and luxury tax.


Goodbye Gilbert, I'm not even mad at you. The poor man did try his best, it's had to play basketball when you have arthritis in your knee. I save my scorn for Otis, he should of known better.

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He has to have a move in mind to waive Gilbert right away like that, right? Please don't tell me that move was Big Baby.

I mean we all knew it was coming but I thought there was still a chance they'd do it next year after figuring everything out.

Either way, it's over now. Goodbye Gilbert. I enjoyed your Twitter account, for what it's worth.