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Dec 09

Reactions to the Brandon Bass-Glen Davis swap

Steve Babineau/NBAE/Getty Images

  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie: “Bass does struggle defensively, he’s the king of the turned head, and he’s a bit of a center/forward tweener despite his obvious power forward size. With that in place, though, Davis considerably struggled defensively and barely had small forward size while often working as Boston’s backup center. The Celtics weren’t going to miss his front-rimmed jumpers even before learning that they’d take on a player in Bass who is superior to Davis in every conceivable way. Rarely do minor deals come this one-sided.”
  • Ben Golliver of “Davis will likely head to Orlando and start at power forward, and will probably be paid more than Bass. And he’s not at all a better player. He’s not a better defender, not a better shooter and it’s up for debate if he’s a better rebounder. It’s kind of a minor deal that will be lost in the shuffle of all this madness, but it’s a curious one. The Celtics upgrade with a young player that likely just needs more opportunity, but the Magic have acquired an inconsistent tweener that is probably going to be paid too much.”
  • John Hollinger of ESPN Insider: “Although he’s a good team defender who willingly takes charges and can defend post players, I consider Davis one of the league’s most overrated players. Offensively, he’s really not very good — a pick-and-pop 4 who mostly shoots 2-point jumpers and mostly misses them. Davis’ true shooting percentages the past three years are 50.2, 50.0 and 49.9 — which is terrible for a power forward — and he scores and assists at a fairly low rate. So basically, the Celtics got a better player who makes less money while preserving all their cap flexibility, and the Magic get another iffy contract. About the only benefit to Orlando is that Davis is friends with Dwight Howard, but we saw how far that got the Hornets when they traded for Jarrett Jack.”
  • Zach Lowe of The Point Forward: “Davis brings better defense and a sounder post game to the Magic, who could use the latter both to relieve Dwight Howard and provide some interior punch when Howard sits. The Magic already have a power forward with range in Ryan Anderson, so Bass’ very good mid-range jumper wasn’t as much of a need here. Potentially a decent move for both clubs, though Davis needs to keep his head together to make the Magic’s investment worth it. He has been prone at times to poor shot selection and mental funks, and those things can’t happen in big moments anymore–not at this price.”
  • Rob Mahoney of ProBasketballTalk: “With this deal, the Celtics have traded Davis for a more athletic, better-shooting equivalent on a more palatable contract. Bass isn’t quite as good defensively, but Boston nonetheless acquired a better player for less money, and found a better fit for their offense, to boot. Well played, Danny Ainge. But it’s hard to see exactly what the Magic stand to gain with Davis’ four-year, $26 million contract. When at the absolute peak of his game, Davis is an effective defender with decent interior skills and a solid mid-range jumper. But Davis didn’t reach that point very often last season, as the focus-related errors stacked up at an alarming rate. On the hardwood and off, Davis presented problems for the Celtics. He wasn’t the player they needed him to be, nor the one he could be. Investing four years in a player with that kind of history is an iffy decision, especially at the cost of a comparable player on a more reasonable deal.”

"The Celtics weren’t going to miss his front-rimmed jumpers even before learning that they’d take on a player in Bass who is superior to Davis in every conceivable way." Superior in every way, if Dwight doesn't stay with the Magic, this is just a stupid trade, no way around it. Although on the bright side, I think Davis will be a better help defender than Bass, who has trouble learning defensive schemes, so there's that.