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Dec 10

Dwight Howard has requested a trade to the Nets

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Via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard has requested a trade to the New Jersey Nets, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Saturday.

Orlando GM Otis Smith has made it clear that he will trade Howard wherever the Magic get the best possible package, but the fact that Howard is willing to sign a five-year, $109 million extension with New Jersey makes it likely that the Nets can be the most aggressive in offering an attractive package

Smith confirmed that Howard has asked to be traded to the Orlando Sentinel on Saturday afternoon.

Los Angeles had long been a preferred choice of Howard’s, but sources say that several factors have pushed him toward the Nets over the Lakers. Howard has a strong relationship with Deron Williams, and has also resisted following the same career path as Shaquille O’Neal, who left the Magic for the Lakers two decades ago.

Magic fans feared this day would come. Well, it’s here.

There’s a lot of layers to unravel so here goes.

Just because Dwight Howard has requested a trade to the New Jersey Nets doesn’t mean that general manager Otis Smith has to send him there. Smith’s objective, right now, should still be to try to do everything humanly possible to improve the roster around Howard because he’s still under contract and a member of the Orlando Magic. That should be Smith’s first priority.

For those that don’t remember, during the offseason in 2007, Kobe Bryant got fed up with the Los Angeles Lakers after getting bounced in the first round against the Phoenix Suns that year and demanded a trade to the Chicago Bulls because his supporting cast consisted of Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, among other misfits. The following season, the Lakers held tight, traded for Pau Gasol at the trade deadline, and the threat of Bryant leaving the franchise was gone. Bryant finally got the supporting cast he wanted and as a result, Los Angeles made the NBA Finals in 2008, and won back-to-back championships in 2009 and 2010.

It would behoove Smith if he didn’t try to do the same thing as the Lakers did. Granted, acquiring Glen Davis in a sign-and-trade doesn’t exactly help matters. Neither does re-signing Jason Richardson. However, if it helps in the process of convincing Howard to remain with the Magic, than that’s a different story.

There’s also the issue of Orlando not having many assets to work with right now, which will make the process of trading for talent and improving the roster a difficult one.

If Smith has exhausted all of his options and is unable to surround Howard with the supporting cast he needs to win a championship with the Magic, then he has no other choice. Smith has to trade Howard. And again, just because Howard has requested a trade to the Nets doesn’t mean that Smith has to send him there. If Smith can exhibit patience, as Denver Nuggets general manager Masai Ujiri did while dealing with a similar scenario with Carmelo Anthony last season before eventually trading him to the New York Knicks, then Orlando stands a good chance of extracting as many assets as possible for their star player.

That being said, although time is running out on Smith, he still has time to fix this mess he’s created. But the clock is ticking for the Magic.

Bleeds Magic Blue
Bleeds Magic Blue

Hoping the magic won't trade him until opening day in Christmas, what's the possibility of every Magic fan showing up to the arena to show Howard our support? I'm talking like rally where people that don't have tickets just pile up in downtown to show this guy how much this city loves him. If anything, i think it'd be a spectacle that would make Howard think twice.


Well lets get Lopez and call it a day. Gasol is mentally weak. Bynum has glass knees. Lets get this over with cause I am not happy that we traded for Davis. He played well because of the system and Rondo.


I think Eddy hit the nail on the head. From all the chatter it's clear that Dwight doesn't "want" to leave. In fact I think his first preference would be to stay AND have a championship caliber team around him. The problem is he's not convinced that later can happen here. (As Eddy pointed out) this was the exact same situation as Kobe...and it wasn't long ago that Mitch Kupchek was being called one of the worst GM's in the league.

Otis isn't a bad GM. He got unlucky. The trade for Turk and JRich was a calculated move that didn't pan out. The downside is that he gave up his best trade chip (in Gortat) when making that deal. Lewis for Arenas was also a calculated move. Lewis wasn't getting us anywhere last year. Bass and Anderson were clearly outperforming him. He moved a player who was headed to the bench and picked up a player he hoped would be rejuvenated from a change of scenery. Moreso, Arenas' (former) strength was what we lacked most - a go to scorer.

Listen, when we railed off 13 straight wins all the media and fan chatter was that Otis was a genius and we were a championship caliber team. Obviously it didn't work out, but all of this railing against Otis as killing this team is stupid. "He should've traded for Dwill or CP3." Of course, but just because we think it's possible doesn't make it so! Trades are not approved by the fact that they work out in the NBA trade machine.

The true hero's are the ownership. Who haven't once flinched at dropping 10's of millions of dollars to acquire players and pay luxury tax to put a team around Dwight. We may not have the pieces that make a championship team right now. But that's not for lack of ownership's ponying up the cash to try.

Here's hoping a Pau Gasol-like trade is out there to be had.


I fear for the "circus" as BQR called it on the Dec 26th. Let's hope Orlando Fans don't forget how much Howard has done for the community of Orlando. As long as he's a member of the Orlando Magic, we should treat him as such.


@JonathanRivera Absolutely. I'm deathly afraid of this upcoming season. I just think this getting dragged out is going to be so painful on the fans and they aren't going to react well to it. I know it's going to be really uncomfortable for the whole team. The All-Star game is pretty much shot as well, assuming any Orlando fans show up.

But I understand Eddy's logic about patience. We really need to get the best deal possible for Dwight. The Nets deal is really not great.

But isn't this a bad move by Otis to reveal to the media Dwight's intentions? Doesn't this kill his leverage? Otis is usually very quiet about every move so I'm very surprised.