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Dec 12

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Dwight Howard, as he has the power to do, instantly turned what promised to be an awkward, dismal media day Monday for the Magic into an upbeat session with three words: I might stay. WHAT!!!!!!!??????? Frustrated by the team’s direction, Howard not only has asked the Magic for a trade but he criticized GM Otis Smith for not acting on some of his ideas to improve the team. But Monday, Howard said, “if you’re willing to do what it takes to win, then, you know, you’ve got me.” Howard was either genuine or it was a PR ploy to limit the damage as the Magic try to deal him while beginning a new season. Howard might have also changed his tone — but maybe not his tune — rather than be portrayed as a bad guy in this drama.”
  • CEO Alex Martins thinks the Orlando Magic will be able to keep Howard.
  • The Los Angeles Lakers have the assets to acquire Howard.
  • TNT analyst Steve Kerr chimes in on the Magic’s conundrum with Howard: “I think the Magic are fortunate that there are some desirable assets on some of the teams that he’s mentioned, and I think the best case for Orlando is the Lakers. And it’s ironic because of what happened with Shaq years ago, but it doesn’t matter.”
  • John Denton of “On Day 4 of the ever-changing, seemingly never-ending Dwight Howard saga, there was this from the superstar center: Finally some wiggle that just might keep him a Magic uniform after all. After encouraging talks with new Magic CEO Alex Martins and new teammate Glen “Big Baby’’ Davis, Howard said he could see himself in Orlando long term if some changes can be made to how the roster is constructed. Howard wasn’t specific, of course, but he was likely referring to his Sunday night rant where he fumed about not having as much input into personnel as he should have as the Magic’s franchise player.”
  • Brian Windhorst of provides an in-depth look at Howard’s reasonings for demanding a trade from the Orlando Magic to another team.
  • Matt Moore of ProBasketballTalk: “It’s one thing for stars to be consulted on deals, to be made aware of decisions. But there’s a big gap between that and having influence. Howard has his own agenda, he’s always had his own agenda, and it involves commercial appeal. And that’s great! He’s a genuinely funny, lovable guy. But don’t lie to the fans, don’t lie to the media, and don’t lie to yourself. Melo played it cold, because that’s what the situation required. Howard trying to play the victim is like someone being upset they got a paper cut while causing a car wreck. If you’re going to blow the tracks, don’t blame the conductor.”
  • It’s easy to be skeptical of Howard’s sudden change in his trade demand.
  • This year’s media day for the Magic has a whole lot of intrigue.
  • If Howard were traded to the New Jersey Nets, how would he help them defensively? David Thorpe of ESPN Insider analyzes Howard’s possible impact.