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Dec 13

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Shannon J. Owens of the Orlando Sentinel: “Howard wants rings and like any true superstar he should pursue that. But what he shouldn’t do is turn this into an ugly break-up. Right or wrong, his public finger-pointing and accusations of incompetent management by Magic GM Otis Smith on Saturday made him appear less than the classy leader you’d expect from a franchise player. Surely, no one is more emotionally drained about these dragged out discussions concerning Howard’s future than Howard himself. But that doesn’t excuse the unprofessional rip job he gave Smith Saturday. It’s too easy to throw Smith under the bus for the Magic’s decline after a slew of unsuccessful trades – Gilbert Arenas topping the list – and forget he’s also the man capable of assembling an NBA championship bound team. I was fine with Howard questioning Smith’s trade decisions and his lack of involvement in those, an assertion Smith denies. But publicly calling out his seven-year relationship with Smith after the two didn’t speak for a couple days after Howard’s trade request was just childish.”
  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “After practice ended, and the team huddled at midcourt, Davis gave the rookies a homework assignment. Davis told them to look up the definition of ‘family’ in the dictionary and be prepared to make a presentation to the team about the meaning of the word Wednesday. ‘It’s to basically to get it into everybody’s mind what ‘family’ means,’ Davis said. “We’ve got to start walking the way for the family atmosphere and trying to change the culture here and making sure that we’re there for each other.’ ”
  • Trade scenarios involving Dwight Howard.
  • Team chemistry could be a concern moving forward for the Orlando Magic while the uncertainty surrounding Howard’s future continues to linger in the background.
  • Kelly Dwyer, Dan Devine, and Eric Freeman of Ball Don’t Lie preview the 2011-2012 iteration of the Magic. A must-read, perhaps for this optimistic view from Dwyer: “Would I pick them to take it all? No. Would I like their chances in a first-round rematch with Atlanta, and Jason Collins? Yes, but just barely. Would I put money on six or seven other teams to win the ring before Orlando? Definitely. But if they keep Dwight, and he decides to earn what he’s going to be paid this particular season, this team has a chance. Such is the power of having a star. Orlando fans know it too damn well.”
  • Matt Moore of CBSSports.com is skeptical of Howard’s sincerity in wanting to stay with Orlando for the long haul: ”Howard’s discussions of staying are a bit cruel, in a way. No one has believed Howard would stay in Orlando, not for two years. He’s had every opportunity to say so and he’s declined every time, instead leaning on the ‘I just want to win a title’ talk which is code for ‘Don’t blame me, blame the GM.’ ”
  • Another season preview of the Magic. This time from Ben Golliver of CBSSports.com, who thinks Orlando could be the biggest surprise in the Southeast Division this season. From a rebuilding team to a championship contender, the possibilities are endless.
  • ESPN.com conducts a 5-on-5 roundtable discussion and talk about Howard’s future.
  • Chris Broussard of ESPN.com: “There are only four teams that Howard would sign a long-term contract with, according to a source close to the situation — the Magic, New Jersey Nets, Dallas Mavericks or Los Angeles Lakers. That severely limits the trade possibilities for Orlando, which has said it will not rule out trading Howard to any of the league’s 29 other teams. Without a long-term commitment from Howard, no club is likely to put an enticing offer on the table. Howard’s stance essentially relegates the Magic, whose ideal scenario is to re-sign Howard, to trade talks only with the Nets, Mavericks and Lakers. There has been speculation that the Chicago Bulls might be a possible destination for Howard because the Bulls offer a big-city environment, a superstar in Derrick Rose, and plenty of talent to send back to Orlando. But Howard’s refusal to sign there ends that possibility. While Orlando will field offers for its All-Star center, it also will take its time in an attempt to rebuild its relationship with Howard and improve the strength of its team.”
  • Why doesn’t Howard want to join Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls? I can answer this question. Yes, Howard wants to win. Yes, Howard wouldn’t mind playing in a bigger market. But at the end of the day, Howard wants to be the franchise centerpiece wherever he goes. That would be the case if Howard stayed with the Magic or left for the Nets. If Howard went to the Lakers or Mavericks, he could transition both franchises into new eras as Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki begin to see their skills erode and roles diminish as they continue to get older. In Chicago, where Derrick Rose owns the franchise and the city, Howard would be forced to play second-fiddle and that’s not something he wants to do — he wants to be the focus no matter what. Howard’s preference to play in warm weather is another reason but that isn’t a deal-breaker for him (see Brooklyn).

It's been quiet since the Glenn Davis trade, please don't tell me Otis is done wheeling & dealing????? If so he might as well trade Dwight now. The team they have now is extremely average.