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Dec 14

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “For now, it appears that the Orlando Magic front office has decided there’s no reason to rush into trading Dwight Howard, because the same offers — and perhaps better ones — likely still will be available right up until the March 15 NBA trade deadline. And perhaps Howard’s thinking about his future will change by that time. But Smith also denied multiple reports that said Magic officials have told teams they are ending trade talks for their All-NBA center. […] Rumors swirled Wednesday that the Magic had been in serious talks with the New Jersey Nets for a three- or four-team trade in which the Magic would have traded Howard and sent away the contracts of Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon. In return, the two best players the Magic would have received center were Brook Lopez from the Nets and small forward Gerald Wallace from the Portland Trail Blazers. Smith wouldn’t confirm or deny that he had those talks, but he did indicate that he’s in no rush to make a move.”
  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel thinks the Orlando Magic should start Glen Davis at power forward alongside Dwight Howard.
  • Today at, Danny Nowell and I joined Henry Abbott, John Hollinger, and David Thorpe to discuss the possibility of Howard joining the New Jersey Nets.
  • Chris Palmer of ESPN Insider breaks down what a partnership between Howard and Kobe Bryant might look like in Los Angeles.
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk on the latest news that the Magic won’t be trading Howard any time soon: “The Magic are trying to slow everything down. The process they can do that with, the rumor mill is another matter. In the end, if they can’t re-sign Howard to an extension (and that is not looking likely) they have to trade him or watch him walk for nothing, just like happened with Shaquille O’Neal. But the Magic have wanted to take their time with this from the start, this move fits in with that.”
  • John Brandon of Grantland speaking on behalf of Magic fans: “We’re prepared for Dwight Howard to leave. Whether in the next few days or at the trading deadline or after the season. We’d rather him stay, because he’s a stunning athlete with a beaming grin, and also because we drafted him, which for outdated reasons means something to us. He’s never swiped a board for anyone else. The mind-boggling alley-oops have always been ours. The humiliating swats, property of Orlando. But we’re emotionally prepared for him to leave. For one thing, we’ve been through this before with an even scarier big man who was part of a better Magic team. If training frontcourt talent is our role, we’re at peace with that. If the Magic’s niche is to draft physically unique big men with the first overall pick, train them for a few years until they possess a semblance of a back-to-the-basket game, and then ship them to a big city to win championships, so be it. And Orlando and its residents, being the good sports we are, will even get those big men some NBA Finals experience without letting them actually win a championship. We want them to still be hungry when they hop on a plane toward their cosmopolitan destiny.”
  • Trading Howard may just come down to a matter of timing.
  • NBA scribes discuss the possible fallout with Howard’s ongoing saga.
  • For now, Orlando will try to win with Howard en tow.
  • If you enjoy NBA drama, this offseason has been full of it already.
  • Who would the Magic rather have? Andrew Bynum or Brook Lopez? Let it be known that a writer from Nets Are Scorching penned this piece.
  • Orlando needs way more in return if they trade Howard. That’s the opinion of Zach Lowe of The Point Forward, in which he comments on the rumored three-team proposal between the Magic, New Jersey Nets, and Portland Trail Blazers: “This is obviously a work in progress, but even this refined proposal amounts to Lopez, some middling first-round picks and a salary dump for Orlando. Wallace is a very good player, but he’s 29 with a game built on speed and ferocity. The ferocity will last, and Wallace is a hard-working, smart player. It’s not as if he’ll fall of the NBA map in his early 30s. But giving long-term deals to speedy wing players at that age is generally risky, and the Magic, in this scenario, may well decide to just let Wallace walk when his contract expires after the 2012-13 season.”
  • Howard reportedly remains firm in his stance that he wants out of Orlando.

I almost got really angry at that Grantland piece but he wrapped it up at the end and I saw where he was going with it.


I'm just going to take a wait and see approach with Howard. His flip flopping is getting ridiculous.