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Dec 22

Quentin Richardson doesn’t bow to a King

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Via Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel:

James had glared at the Orlando bench after hitting a shot. Q-Rich slowed enough that James made contact, and then the 260-pound LeBron rammed his shoulder into Q as they walked down the court, and Q angrily responded.

It really should have been a double-technical foul, but refs caught Q retaliating and T’d him up.

“I don’t care if you’re The King or whatever,” Richardson laughed. “You put your pants on just like I do.

This isn’t the first time that Quentin Richardson has gotten into a tussle with a player on the opposing team. For those that don’t remember, Richardson got ejected in a regular season game last season against the Charlotte Bobcats after getting into a fight with Gerald Henderson, shoving him in the face. Richardson earned a two-game suspension.

In almost every other situation, Richardson’s antics against LeBron James would be frowned upon. But if there’s one thing that the Orlando Magic don’t have enough of is toughness. If James, or any other player for that matter, is going to glare at the Magic’s bench after a made jumpshot, someone on the court for Orlando has to send a message that those type of actions won’t be tolerated — especially at home. Richardson decided that he was the man for the job.

Sometimes a little shove match is needed, especially if the Magic want to prove to teams that they’re not going to back down. Again, violence shouldn’t be tolerated but the NBA is a physical game. What Richardson did is a necessary evil at times.


I totally agree with you Eddy! We don't bow to any Queen! We need this type of player, made me think about old times with Barnes vs. Kobe.