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Dec 23

Imagining Dwight Howard with the Lakers

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

I believe the Magic should keep Dwight Howard throughout the season and either make the requisite moves to make him a permanent member of the Magic, or let him leave this summer. Kevin Arnovitz can explain to you why this is a good choice. However, if they trade him, I hope it is to the Los Angeles Lakers. This is why:

Western Conference
I do not want to see Dwight play the Magic a few times every year, especially in Orlando. Most importantly, I do not want to ever face him in the Eastern Conference playoffs. First of all, he is the most dominant center in the NBA, and that is always a tough obstacle to overcome. Secondly, it would be awkward to have him become Public Enemy No. 1 in Orlando. I don’t think anyone is interested in the Brett Favre Packers-Vikings saga turning into the Dwight Howard Magic-(insert Eastern Conference team here) saga.

It’s the Lakers
There used to be (still is?) a show on MTV called “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” The main idea was to find top-notch girls who went out with inferior men. I think the kids call this “out-kicking your coverage.” Anyways, I can stomach Dwight wanting to leave the Magic for the Lakers. The Lakers have more history, media coverage, fans, etc. Whatever. I get it. Conversely, I would not be able to justify him wanting to leave the Magic to play for the Nets. The Nets may be moving to Brooklyn and are under the direction of a rock star owner, but they are not a better franchise than Orlando. Magic fans would constantly be saying “did he really leave us for the Nets?”

The Magic are built around Dwight Howard, and Brook Lopez ain’t Dwight Howard. Andrew Bynum isn’t either, but he is a heck of a lot closer. In my opinion, Bynum is the most comparable player in the NBA to Dwight. If Bynum lands on Orlando’s roster, the Magic could basically maintain the same philosophy on the court. With the package from Los Angeles (or through the draft), they could improve at other positions on the floor to make up for the loss of Dwight. Again, I’m not saying they would be a better team if they traded for Bynum, but they may be able to make a few moves to compensate at other positions while getting the best possible replacement at center.


If Dwight doesn't sign an extension by sunday, i say tade in to the lakers, bynum and gasol for hedo and d12, that's a great trade for orlando


Yeah, but think about the Nets vs. the Magic though in the "better franchise" discussion. Through some advantageous lottery positioning the Magic have gotten two of the best centers in the past decade and because of it have been to the finals twice in the past 2 decades - the same as the Nets - except both of New Jersey's trips were in this decade.

Historically the Nets have had a weak fanbase and played in a swamp, but they are moving to the largest market in the country (after being on the outskirts of it) which is certainly a step up from an endorsement and visibility standpoint than Orlando. Also, the Nets now have the richest owner in the NBA. DeVos doesn't come close to that. Yes, there's a new arena in Orlando, but the arena in Brooklyn will be newer.

Finally, players. In terms of supporting cast, it is close, with the Nets perhaps even having a deeper more talented team. This is punctuated by their flexibility year in and year out in terms of GM moves by a GM who has been outpacing Otis Smith since he took the job. The positives in the Magic's direction are iffy. Playing the history card for a franchise with some overblown history is a tough call.


I'm a Packers fan and I totally agree that I don't want that kind of drama on the Magic. I have come to the conclusion that if he's to be traded it has to be to the West. As much as I'd hate to see another superstar center in a Lakers outfit. But I've almost completely come around to Arnovitz idea on the subject and we should just keep him the whole season. Let him walk and lose the money if that's what he really wants.