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Dec 27

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “What should Magic fans have in common with Jack Nicholson? They should be keeping a close eye on the L.A. Lakers. The Lakers remain winless after two games, stunningly losing to the Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings to start the season. The Lakers used to toy with teams like the Kings. For Magic fans, each Lakers’ loss, and especially a string of them, could be seen as a gain for Orlando. The more the Lakers lose, the closer they could get to remaking their team and dealing what the Magic really want for Dwight Howard: Center Andrew Bynum and power forward Pau Gasol. […] The Magic are playing the waiting game to trade Howard, looking for the best deal. The Lakers look to be waiting themselves on the March 15 trade deadline, realizing the Magic could get desperate by then and would take back only Bynum. But the Lakers, noting the commotion in L.A. caused by the Chris Paul Clippers, can’t stand pat for long if they don’t appear to be better than last season. And Kobe is a walking barometer of the team’s performance.”
  • Chris Duhon has a goal of becoming more aggressive offensively.
  • The continued dynamic between Dwight Howard and the New Jersey Nets.
  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss of TrueHoop: “In these new environs, Dwight Howard represents the adaptability of Darwin’s island finches. Offense Island made it dangerous for big men to get their points from plodding post play. So Dwight moves swiftly and treats the ball like a hand grenade. Defense Island implored big men to move on a string, mirroring the choreography of smaller, quicker players. So Dwight does this with aplomb while maintaining integrity as a shot blocker and rebounder.”
  • The Orlando Magic had little trouble with the Houston Rockets.
  • Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated: “Like Shaq, who left Orlando as a free agent in 1996, Howard appeared to want to leave the Magic. Persistent reports were leaked of his interest in moving to the Nets, the Lakers or the Mavericks, leaving the Magic in limbo: wanting to hold on to Howard for as long as possible, and not wanting him to leave as a free agent without compensation in 2012. As they approached the end of the year, the Magic were faced with a variety of unhappy options.”
  • Another boring Magic game recap.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie on Orlando’s win last night: “Not because we’re aware of what Houston could have been, or what Orlando (the front office, at least) thinks it might be. But because these two teams just aren’t anywhere, yet. Jameer Nelson was the best player on the court for stretches, and yet he manages to make it all go away in an instant by looking off both J.J. Redick and Dwight Howard in a 3-on-2 and then turning it over eight seconds later with a bum entry pass to Howard.”