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Dec 28

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Get ready for your close-up, Orlando Magic fans. The Dwight Howard saga will say almost as much about you as it does about Howard and the Magic. Will you cheer him? Will you boo him? Will you respond with a collective yawn? Whatever you do will define Orlando’s image as a sports town. Right now, fairly or unfairly, Magic fans are in danger of being known as the NBA’s preeminent wine-and-cheese crowd. Amway Center is widely considered one of the best arenas in the league, but many players and NBA observers believe that the crowd noise in the new building pales in comparison to the noise in old Amway Arena. So much of the talk these days is whether Howard is ‘engaged’ when he plays — and rightly so. That’s a perfectly fair point of inquiry after his trade request. But have Magic fans been engaged ever since the team moved into its new building?”
  • Dwight Howard refuses to talk about the New Jersey Nets.
  • If only NBA commissioner David Stern could step in on behalf of the Orlando Magic and make sure the franchise gets the best deal for Howard.
  • John Denton of “Magic coach Stan Van Gundy brushed off many of the questions about Thursday’s game being a distraction to Orlando because of the circus-like atmosphere created by Howard’s trade request. The Magic have given Howard’s agent, Dan Fegan, permission to work out the parameters of a potential deal with the Nets, Lakers or Mavericks, but no deal has gone down in the three weeks since the trade request was issued. Part of that is the Magic’s belief that they can retain Howard by having a solid 2011-12 season and continuing to add dynamic pieces around him.”
  • The Atlanta Hawks have entered the Howard sweepstakes.
  • Marc Stein of “Sources familiar with Orlando’s thinking say that a picture of what the Magic will ultimately expect in return for their anchor has indeed begun to emerge, telling this week that Orlando would not hold out for youth and draft picks as the league-owned New Orleans Hornets were ordered to do in the Chris Paul sweepstakes. The Magic, sources say, would instead prefer to bring back multiple established veterans who can keep the team competitive. Reason being: Orlando has moved into a new arena last season and has a 85-year-old owner in Rich De Vos. Sources say De Vos has little interest in starting over/rebuilding, as evidenced by the recent decisions to trade for Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis and re-sign Jason Richardson even though Howard’s future is so murky.”
  • How does Brook Lopez’s injury impact a possible trade between the Nets and Magic? Bradford Doolittle of ESPN Insider investigates.
  • If owner Rich DeVos signs off on a trade that nets veteran players for Howard, he could be making a big mistake that could negatively impact the franchise for years.
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “The Magic will not get equal value in trading Howard away. You never do when you trade a superstar. But to demand veterans so you can be competitive means the Magic are likely headed for mediocrity — the dangerous NBA middle ground. Teams that are good enough to make the playoffs but not be contenders; teams that are not bad enough to go up in the draft and get a superstar that way. They get stuck in that middle with no easy way out.”
  • Orlando has made it clear they want to reload instead of rebuild if they trade Howard at the deadline. Matt Moore of is confused.
  • Tracy McGrady shares his opinion on Howard’s situation.
  • Zach Lowe of The Point Forward makes a valid point if the Magic are so intent on fielding a competitive team in a new arena: “You have to pay these veteran players, which complicates the alleged financial benefits of fielding a so-so playoff team and limits your ability to truly rebuild. Martin and Scola will make $21.8 million next season, and Scola alone has more guaranteed money in 2013 than Turkoglu and Duhon combined, per ShamSports. Johnson and Smith make nearly $33 million combined next season, and Johnson by himself will earn $25 million – in 2015-16. Al Horford is a more desirable long-term chip than Smith, but combine Horford’s $12 million salary with Johnson’s megadeal, and you’ve got at least half of any reasonable projected salary cap tied up in two players for the next half-decade. One of those players is 30 and coming off the worst season of his prime.”

I'm so confused and sad! Correct me If I'm wrong but apparently we are going to suck for a long time! What's happening with our top management/owners? I simply don't understand.

erivera7 moderator

@Adolfo Rich DeVos wants to win a title before he passes away. He's 85.