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Dec 30

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “You’ve heard a player say he is coming back as a new man. Sometimes it’s all talk. Chris Duhon is walking the walk. He looks like a different player. More evidence of that was revealed Thursday night, when Duhon was the best point guard on the floor, no matter that all-star Deron Williams was in town. Duhon replaced injured starter Jameer Nelson (neck strain), steadying the Magic with nine points, four assists and just one turnover in 28 minutes. Williams was awful, going 2-of-12 with six turnovers. Depending on how Nelson feels on Friday, Duhon might be starting against the Charlotte Bobcats in the second game of a back-to-back. After last season’s immense struggles, Duhon has looked like a different player, even though the season has offered only a sample size.”
  • Some statistical oddities from the Orlando Magic so far in the season.
  • Head coach Stan Van Gundy is doing more to be less demonstrative in games.
  • Van Gundy on Ryan Anderson: “He’s got to get more and he can still do even more. I think the sky’s the limit for him, and so I’m saying it as a positive. I think he’s a helluva player. But he can do more at the defensive end. He can do more on the boards, and he’s got to make that he challenges himself to do that.”
  • The Magic have sold out 100 regular season games in a row.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie on Orlando’s win last night: “It may not have looked that way, because the Magic aren’t all that great, and it probably doesn’t warm you to hear an opinion that leans this way — but you kind of got the sense that Orlando’s supporting cast was really going all out to prove their worth to Dwight Howard on Thursday. Transition play and cuts away from the ball and overall interest in the game on a level often unseen in professional hoops leads me to believe this. I’d watch the game again to double-check, but then I’d be watching a replay of a Nets/Magic game, and nobody should have to deal with that.”
  • Plenty of Magic-related news bits on the Weekend Dime.
  • Tonight’s matchup between Orlando and the Charlotte Bobcats features a ton of up-and-coming players according to Clint Peterson of Hardwood Paroxysm.
  • Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post sees Chris Duhon in a Derek Fisher-type role this season for the Magic: “All Orlando asks of Duhon is that he reads the defense properly and knocks down an open shot every now and again. That’s what Duhon did against the Nets, drilling three open three-pointers off the catch for nine points on the night. He is, in effect, playing the role Derek Fisher does with the Los Angeles Lakers. It seems to suit him.”
  • Another recap, albeit brief, of the Magic’s win against the New Jersey Nets.
  • Are there teams in the NBA interested in “rent-a-Dwight?”
  • Abe Schwadron of SLAM ONLINE liked Howard’s performance against the Nets.
  • Brandon Bass has been fitting in nicely with the Boston Celtics.
  • David Thorpe of Scouts Inc. talks about the Magic on HoopSpeak Live.
  • Ken Berger of ” It’s faulty logic to look at the Nets and shake your head in disbelief that Dwight would want to play for THAT team. That’s not the team Dwight would be playing for; he’d be playing for a Nets team with HIM on it. Big difference. The most interesting aspect of the Dwight saga won’t be where he does and doesn’t want to play, but where the Magic are and aren’t willing to trade him. If Otis Smith and Alex Martins decide they want Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, the likelihood that Dwight’s a Laker goes through the roof. If that can’t or won’t happen, can the Nets flip some of their assets for win-now players Orlando would want, i.e., Luis Scola and Kevin Martin from the Rockets, or something similar? Fascinating chess match that Orlando will be playing.”
  • Orlando gets an E for effort against New Jersey.
  • A list of teams that should be interested in acquiring Howard as a rental.
  • Marketing is a reason why Howard-to-Chicago is a near impossibility.
  • The Basketball Jones returns on January 3! Bookmark your calendars!