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Jan 04

Magic Basketball needs your help

We’re about to start doing a new recurring feature here at MBN, something a little more free-flowing than we sometimes do, and something we want you to contribute to. Every Friday, I’ll be doing a weekly roundup type deal (name TBD), and as part of it, I want y’all to email me questions or concerns about the Magic, the league in general, or really just anything.

Funny story you want to share? Send it. Soul-searching questions I’m unqualified to answer but will any way? Send ‘em. This column will be part hoops analysis and part WHATEVER I WANT TO TALK ABOUT (read: liquor), so you’ve got some latitude. One hitch: I won’t run profanity, but if you have a story clean enough where all I need is to redact a few NSFW words, fire away.

Send all of your brilliant, asinine or humorous missives to us at mbnhoops[at]gmail[dot]com.

I’ll be starting this Friday, and I’m counting on you.

Danny Nowell is a contributing writer for Magic Basketball. Follow him on Twitter.