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Jan 06

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “It seems that Glen Davis and Stan Van Gundy are closer to being on the same page than they were a couple of days ago. With an abbreviated preseason, Davis certainly needs more time to adjust to his new team. He probably also needs to adjust to the realization that he is not in the Magic’s starting lineup. And Van Gundy wants him to focus more on the so-called dirty-work play, such as setting screens and taking charges, that doesn’t show up on a stat sheet. But there also has been, at the minimum, some disconnect between Davis and Van Gundy about what Davis’ place in the offense should be. That became obvious from Van Gundy’s comments and from Davis declining to comment after that 103-85 victory over the Wiz. Van Gundy said Davis was not playing well on offense and that Davis was taking far too many jumpers. […] But Davis said Thursday that he will change his approach. To be sure, he has not had much time to practice with the team since being acquired last month.”
  • Lots of notes worth sifting through for both the Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls.
  • The Magic shouldn’t consider the Golden State Warriors’ offer for Dwight Howard.
  • Curtis Harris of Hardwood Paroxysm: “I can’t help but wonder how much better off the Bulls would be right now if they had just offered J.J. Redick enough money to ward off the Magic a couple of offseasons ago. Rip Hamilton’s still ok, however his basketball skills are diminishing especially when he’s not leading mutinies. Redick is shooting it lights out this year and will only get better. Furthermore, JJ is easy on the eyes while Hamilton is a milkdud head with a face mask.”
  • Nick Friedell of ESPN Chicago: “Hours before a battle between the two stars, Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose reiterated that he hasn’t spoken to Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard about the possibility of the pair teaming up in Chicago later this season. Howard, who has asked the Magic to trade him, listed the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and New Jersey Nets as teams he would like to be traded to. There’s been speculation throughout the league that Howard doesn’t want to come to Chicago, in part, because he and Rose are both sponsored by adidas and the shoe company doesn’t want both of their big stars in the same market. Howard told local reporters on Friday that he and Rose were ‘adidas brothers.’ ”
  • Kyle Stack of SLAM ONLINE on Howard’s rebounding prowess this season: “Howard had accumulated 20-plus ‘boards in at least two straight contests six times previously in his regular season career. None were as impressive as the consecutive 24-rebound efforts. It was such a rare accomplishment that the following players have gone—or went, past tense for the retired guys—their entire careers, regular season and postseason, without getting at least 24 rebounds in back-to-back games: Kevin Love, Marcus Camby, Ben Wallace, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett.”
  • No matter how well Andrew Bynum is playing, the Los Angeles Lakers should still target Howard.

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