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Jan 06

Magic Basketball TV: Favorite Rashard Lewis memory

ORLANDO, Fla. — Rashard Lewis, while probably overpaid and lacking in big moments toward the end of his tenure in Orlando, left a lasting impact on teammates, coaches, and fans in Orlando. Upon his return on Tuesday night in the slaughtering of the Washington Wizards, I was curious if anyone had special Rashard Lewis memories.

So I took it to the locker room to find out exactly what Rashard meant to the Magic basketball organization. Was it a game winning shot in the playoffs? Was it goofy antics in the locker room? Just how is Rashard remembered here in Orlando? Magic Basketball found out.

Nate Drexler is a contributing writer for Magic Basketball. Follow him on Twitter.


Dang, JJ is straight up gangsta. Shard, you better get this man his money because he is not playin around.

The Magic Basketball TV segments got off to a good start. I really enjoy seeing the guys in the locker room talking straight and not as part of a media scrum. I'm sure most fans would appreciate that.

We miss you Rashard. Those were good times we had.

But seriously, get JJ his money man. He's got a wife to feed.