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Mar 05

Monday’s Magic Word

  • A list of NBA teams that might rent Dwight Howard.
  • J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas of The Basketball Jones were in Orlando for All-Star Weekend. What did they do while they were in the City Beautiful? Compete in various NBA Jam Session activities, of course. A must-watch video.
  • Is it possible the Magic might keep Dwight at the deadline instead of trade him? If David Aldridge of says it’s a possibility, it probably is.
  • It’s no secret that Nelson has struggled this season. It seems evident that Dwight clamoring to play with a better point guard like Deron Williams has affected Nelson mentally. Yet there’s signs that he’s starting to snap out of it and play better basketball.
  • After returning from a broken right foot after missing the first 32 games of the regular season, Brook Lopez suffered a sprained right ankle on Sunday against the Charlotte Bobcats. Will his injury affect the New Jersey Nets’ ability to acquire Dwight at the trade deadline?
  • According to a report, Orlando has almost no shot of acquiring Steve Nash or Monta Ellis in a trade. The reason? Lack of assets.
  • Marc Stein of “If you believe the GM grapevine: After an 11-4 February, Orlando is serious about rolling the dice and keeping Dwight past the trading deadline, figuring that a 10 percent chance of changing his mind (but also potentially losing him for nothing in free agency) beats what they can get in a trade for him.”
  • Ryan Anderson has outproduced his WARP projection by a mile. Bradford Doolittle of ESPN Insider cautions that Anderson’s WARP number will likely fall back to earth just a bit.
  • The league is on Dwight watch.
  • If the Magic want to trade Dwight but still make the playoffs, they may want to wait until the very last second (for what it’s worth, Basketball-Reference gives Orlando a 100 percent chance of making the postseason).
  • If they decide to move Dwight at the trade deadline, which bad contract — between Glen Davis and Hedo Turkoglu — is Orlando better off unloading?