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Mar 06

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel ran into head coach Stan Van Gundy at the airport in Toronto. Van Gundy was waiting to board a plane heading to Charlotte. Why didn’t he travel with the Orlando Magic? According to Van Gundy, he stayed at Mount Sinai Hospital overnight because he was having chest pains.
  • Van Gundy is okay after experiencing chest pains.
  • Schmitz: “Is Dwight still leading on the Magic eight days before the deadline? Is he still this conflicted? My guess is, being around the Magic, is that he hasn’t changed his stance: He still wants to explore free agency. Neither Howard nor the Magic want to deliver the bad news until they have to. Until they’ve exhausted the last few days of perhaps trying to talk Howard out of leaving. Until they have a deal for Howard they like.”
  • In that same link, general manager Otis Smith reveals that six to eight teams are still calling about Dwight in hopes of acquiring him at the trade deadline.
  • Dwight should know by now that the Magic are committed to winning at all costs.
  • Tonight, Orlando plays a really bad team in the Charlotte Bobcats.
  • It appears that Fran Vazquez, drafted by the Magic in the 2005 NBA Draft and playing for FCB Regal in Spain right now, may be appear poised to join the team next season. Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie explains what that may mean for Orlando moving forward.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports with a must-read piece on Orlando’s current predicament with Dwight: “Several sources who’ve known Howard for years believe his hesitancy with Orlando management has helped validate Martins’ hope of re-signing him. As one of those sources said, ‘Don’t underestimate how much it means to Dwight to be a pillar in that community. Everyone else wants to pull him out of there, but I’m not so sure that’s where his heart is.’ ”
  • J.J. Redick hit a clutch three-pointer in last night’s game against the Toronto Raptors to help the Magic come away with a victory on the road.
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “We cannot emphasize this enough — the Orlando Magic’s primary goal is to keep Dwight Howard in Orlando. Magic CEO Alex Martins is doing everything short of begging (actually, he’d probably do that, too) to convince Howard to stay. That stems from a real desire to keep him and to show Magic fans that they did try if Howard is traded. Bottom line: Until word comes down from owner Richard DeVos to move Howard — something he is reluctant to do — nothing is going to happen.”
  • Another recap of Orlando’s win against the Raptors yesterday.
  • Matt Moore of CBSSports.com wasn’t impressed with the Magic struggling to beat Toronto.
  • Stay Dwight.
  • “Smith’s phone should be ringing off the hook!”
  • Dwight and Ryan Anderson have been two of the main reasons why Orlando is 25-14 and ranked No. 3 in the Eastern Conference as of today.