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Mar 09

Friday’s Magic Word

  • The Orlando Magic have a habit of amassing double-digit leads against opposing teams, then squander them and lose the game. It happened against the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday. It happened against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday. The difference is that the Magic held on to beat the Bulls.
  • General manager Otis Smith used to make shrewd moves before committing a recent calamity of errors in trying to keep Dwight around long-term.
  • Could Orlando strike lightning in a bottle twice, get hot in the playoffs with their three-point shooting, and make another surprise appearance in the NBA Finals like in 2009? Bill Simmons of Grantland thinks so.
  • The Magic were happy and all smiles after beating Chicago on the road.
  • Marc Stein of has a ton of goodies in his Weekend Dime about Orlando. Stein touches on a variety of topics, but perhaps the freshest piece of news is that the Magic are shopping Turkoglu … and not in a trade package with Dwight.
  • If Dwight is traded at the deadline, the complexion of the NBA could change completely.
  • Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus asks: “Which teams have improved their winning percentage the most after the deadline in the 2000?” Orlando makes the list, but it’s probably not the team you’re thinking of.
  • With 3:47 left in the game between the Magic and Bulls, Hedo Turkoglu got whistled for a technical foul after he grabbed referee Karl Lane in dispute of a no-call. Turkoglu ran a 3/5 pick-and-roll with Dwight, then dribble penetrated into the lane and went up for a layup. However, Joakim Noah slapped the ball away and it went off Turkoglu’s leg. Turkoglu argued for a foul call but to no avail. Given that he made physical contact with Lane, there’s a good chance that Turkoglu will be suspended for one game. UPDATE: It’s official.
  • Dwight is at the center of all the trade talk.
  • Derrick Rose cares about winning. Dwight cares about building up his brand.
  • Matt McHale of By the Horns wonders aloud, “Do the Chicago Bulls need Dwight Howard?”
  • There’s stark differences in the roster makeup of Orlando and Chicago.
  • The Magic brass are split on what to do with Dwight.
  • If Orlando does move Dwight at the trade deadline, they’re seeking a package similar to what the Denver Nuggets received for Carmelo Anthony last season.
  • Superman Lives.
  • Glen Davis was proud of Dwight’s performance against the Bulls and tweeted as such.
  • When LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers, his departure created an earthquake that could be felt throughout the NBA landscape. The same thing could happen if Dwight leaves the Magic.
  • Orlando netted a big win against an elite team.
  • Chris Duhon enjoys playing the air guitar.
  • A GIF of Turkoglu’s tech.
  • Glen Davis’ midrange jump shooting is painful to watch sometimes.
  • If the Magic think that a win over Chicago will mean much in the grand scheme of things, with regards to convincing Dwight to stay, they may be sadly mistaken.
  • John Hollinger of ESPN Insider has an interesting trade idea: “Michael Beasley, Daniel Orton, Justin Harper, Anthony Randolph and Orlando’s first-round pick to Milwaukee; J.J. Redick, Beno Udrih and the rights of Fran Vazquez to Minnesota; Jon Brockman, J.J. Barea and Ersan Ilyasova to Orlando.”

Mr. Rivera....or anybody else for that matter....what do you think about John Hollinger's trade idea listed on the last dot here right above my question ???


I happen to like it.

erivera7 moderator

 @HoopsJunkie I don't really like it, though I understand Hollinger's idea. It just doesn't really do much to considerably improve the team.