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Mar 15

Dwight’s Magic Word

  • Dwight Howard, waiving the early termination option in his contract (which means he’ll remain with the Orlando Magic for one more season), and the Magic have some marriage counseling to do. The onus now is on Orlando to improve the roster, in the hopes of convincing Dwight to stay for the long haul.
  • Loyalty is a big reason why Dwight is sticking around with the Magic for a little while longer.
  • After flip-flopping between staying or going, Dwight had one last change of heart by the time he landed in Orlando early Thursday morning after the team played the San Antonio Spurs on the road. General manager Otis Smith advised Dwight to sleep on the decision. Dwight remained steadfast in his choice after doing so.
  • CEO Alex Martins, seen as the right man for the job, re-recruited Dwight to stay with Orlando for another year. Martins’ hard work paid off.
  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “The issue is this: How will Howard feel after an offseason in which the same people are in his ear again, the ones who were pushing him to go to a bigger market? […] Howard needs to take control of his world, and maybe he will start doing that by splitting with agent Dan Fegan, whom he hired to get him out of Orlando without this muss and fuss. He needs to get away to some island this offseason and really decide what he wants.”
  • Dwight’s future with the Magic captivated a nationwide, and perhaps worldwide, audience.
  • Is Orlando, able to win games and beat some of the best teams in the NBA despite the trade turmoil surrounding Dwight, a team of destiny?
  • During today’s press conference, in which he announced his intentions to remain a member of the Magic for an additional season, Dwight branded himself as a loyal person. That loyalty makes Dwight different from many of today’s NBA stars. Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated goes as far to say that Dwight is “establishing himself to become the anti-LeBron.”
  • By trading for Gerald Wallace at the deadline, the New Jersey Nets are trying to keep Deron Williams around so that they still have a shot at signing Dwight in 2013. It’s a big gamble to say the least.
  • Dwyane Wade uses Twitter to share his opinion on loyalty.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie writes that Magic fans are guaranteed one more year of drama with Dwight: “All he did was commit to picking up his contract option for 2012-13. He can still leave in 2013. He can still ask for a trade, behind the scenes. He can still make life — off-court life, at least — untenable for the Orlando Magic franchise. Unless Howard signs that extension, this isn’t over.”
  • There’s still a chance, albeit a small one, that Dwight lands with the Dallas Mavericks as a free agent in 2013.
  • Larry Coon, author of the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement FAQ, lays out all of Dwight’s contract possibilities at TrueHoop.
  • The possibility that Dwight and Chris Paul team up — in 2013 — is still very real. Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN.com explains: “If they so desired, Paul and Howard could join forces in any number of destinations, including Los Angeles — a city Howard reportedly likes a whole lot — or Orlando. For the Magic, it would be relatively simple. They’ll have a glut of cap space because Jameer Nelson’s contract comes off the books, and the final year of Hedo Turkoglu’s deal is unguaranteed.”
  • How did Orlando convince Dwight to stick around? By threatening to trade him to the Nets, a team that’s struggling to make the playoffs. That would have impacted Dwight in a number of ways (like his off-court ventures). J.A. Adande of ESPN.com applauds the Magic’s gumption: “A league source said that missing out on the playoffs would cost Howard significant bonuses from his Adidas contract. What a great play by the Magic. It seemed to drive home the point they were trying to make all along, that if Howard wants to win a championship the Magic are about as good a short- and mid-term option as he’s got.”
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “Howard had flip-flopped worse than a presidential candidate the last 48 hours between wanting to stay with the Magic and wanting to keep his free agent options open.”
  • There’s a ripple effect around the league now that Dwight is still with the Magic. Teams like New Jersey and Dallas, potential suitors for Dwight, are obviously affected but they’re not the only ones.
  • Marcel Mutoni of SLAM ONLINE with the line of the day regarding Dwight’s indecisiveness: “Dwight Howard is a confused young man.”
  • Some quotes from Dwight’s presser.
  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss of CourtVision doesn’t think Dwight should be blamed for being indecisive about his future: This is not Dwight Howard’s fault. He did not create the collective bargaining agreement. He did not create the 24-hour news cycle. He did not foster a confusing system in which the most interesting “news” is funneled to us via conflicting anonymous sources.”
  • Dwight: “I’m going to go home, and play a video game.” This was said after Dwight was asked what he was going to do after his press conference today was over.
  • A must-read breakdown by Andrew Sharp of SB Nation on those involved in the Dwight drama.
  • Should Orlando still trade Dwight? Tom Ziller of SB Nation thinks so: “Recent NBA history has shown that the packages offered for trading a superstar with at least a year left on his deal are much better than for rentals. The Jazz did it with Deron Williams. The Hornets did it with Chris Paul (who waived his own early termination option in the Clippers deal). Howard’s waiver […] lets the Magic effectively rewind a calendar and make a blockbuster that sets Orlando up for the future … the post-Howard future.”

Everyone's speaking about how many bad deals the Magic have. Big Baby, Duhon, Turk, Richardson, they are all accepted as terrible deals and people are constantly discussing how to dump them. Well guess what?! If i suck that badly at MY job i'll get fired, so why is Otis Smith still here? He is a laughable GM, i would says bottom 3 in the NBA. Pathetic.

Bleeds Magic Blue
Bleeds Magic Blue

I'm still shocked. Best ending to a spring break I could've had.