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Mar 19

Monday’s Magic Word

  • One of the keys to beating the Miami Heat, if the Orlando Magic play their conference, division, and in-state rival in the postseason, is slowing down Dwyane Wade.
  • Another aspect of a potential Magic-Heat playoff series is figuring out if Hedo Turkoglu, typically defended and shut down by LeBron James, can be relied upon by Orlando.
  • According to the SCHOENE projection system, the Magic are slated to finish the regular season with a 42-24, the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, and a first round date with the Atlanta Hawks. A Hawks team that has won nine of their last 13 games against Orlando.
  • CEO Alex Martins made a remarkable save by convincing Dwight Howard to stay for another season. As David Alridge of notes, that gives the Magic more time to improve the roster and put Howard in a better position to win a title in the hopes of inking him to a long-term extension.
  • Marc Stein of thinks Orlando, despite keeping Dwight around for a little while longer, should trade him.
  • The odds are low that the Magic could beat Miami in a seven-game series.
  • The Dwight free agency circus will be coming back to town next season for Orlando.
  • Abe Schwadron of SLAM ONLINE: “Bosh’s 3-point play on a James dish with 3:46 remaining was the dagger that did in the Magic, who at that point fell behind 84-73 and couldn’t claw back into the game, despite team-highs of 18 points and 11 rebounds from Dwight Howard.”
  • Dave Kindred of Grantland details how Jarrod Rudolph of RealGM got the scoop that Dwight decided he was going to stay with the Magic for one more year: “[I]n six years covering the Magic, he had developed a relationship with Howard — ‘not bosom buddies, but we talked’ — that enabled him to send a casual BlackBerry note to the player after a game in San Antonio.”
  • Brett Koremenos of NBA Playbook: “Throughout the course of the game, Miami went to a 5-out middle pick and roll set. The basic premise of the play is a two-man game in the middle of the floor with the screener rolling hard to the rim surrounded by three shooters. Ironically, it is an action that has been a trademark during the Stan Van Gundy-Dwight Howard era. On Sunday, however, the Magic had some difficulty defending it.”
  • Five things to watch for in tonight’s game between Orlando and the Chicago Bulls. Derrick Rose, nursing a groin injury, is not expected to play.
  • J.J. Redick’s playmaking ability has been well-documented at Magic Basketball recently. Zach Lowe of The Point Forward also sings the praises of Redick as a secondary distributor for the Magic.
  • Tom Ziller of SB Nation: “I accept why the Magic decided to delay dealing with the Dwight Howard situation: they are playing with house money at this point. But why didn’t they try to upgrade the roster around him at the deadline? Were they too busy doing fist pumps after Dwight’s decision?”