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Apr 04

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • CEO Alex Martins says that general manager Otis Smith and head coach Stan Van Gundy will be “evaluated” when the season is over. Both Smith and Van Gundy are under contract for the 2012-2013 NBA season.
  • Glen Davis is finally playing well for the Orlando Magic. Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel thinks that he’s just needed positive reinforcement.
  • The Magic are on a four-game losing streak and the reasoning is simple. Van Gundy: “We don’t play any defense.”
  • This is unrelated to Orlando but something to keep in mind when the Dwight Howard era ends, whether it’s next season or a few years down the road. Neil Paine of Basketball Prospectus parses through the data and makes an important discovery with regards to breaking the cycle of mediocrity: “It seems clear from the data, then, that it is in fact necessary to be bad (winning 27 or fewer games) to acquire a player capable of leading your team to the finals someday.”
  • In other words, when/if Dwight leaves, the Magic are better off tanking and building through the draft than by acquiring veterans in a trade.
  • It’s been reported that Dwight wants Van Gundy and his coaching staff gone when the season is over. Whether or not the report is true (consider the source), this is what Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie had to say about it: “Howard wants to be liked, as much as he wants to win, and it’s becoming clearer that the Orlando Magic and Dwight Howard don’t deserve a coach as great as Stan Van Gundy.”
  • Orlando may draw the Boston Celtics in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.
  • The Magic lost to the Detroit Pistons in last night’s game and not having Dwight, Ryan Anderson, and Jameer Nelson available to play due to injuries is a big reason why.
  • Whether or not Van Gundy is fired or he resigns, he’s not going to have much trouble finding employment elsewhere.
  • Orlando was forced to roll out “one of the ugliest starting lineups in recent memory” according to Abe Schwadron of SLAM ONLINE. Sad, but true.
  • Royce Young of “But as was the case with the Howard trade saga, the Magic need to do some housekeeping. They have way too many leaks, way too many holes in their ship. Too many people talk. They need to keep this stuff in house, in private and handle it outside of media reports.”
  • By being relied upon so heavily during the regular season, Nelson may be in danger of flaming out in the playoffs.
  • For the Magic, currently in the middle of a season-high four-game losing streak with no end in sight, let the bad times roll.
  • Amidst all the Van Gundy rumors regarding his future, Orlando is dealing with a lot of drama at the wrong time.
  • Question: what’s wrong with this sentence? Mike Prada of SB Nation: “Van Gundy has been one of the most successful coaches in Magic franchise history, compiling a record of 254-128 in four and a half years with the team.”
  • Answer: it should actually read, “Van Gundy IS the most successful coach in Magic franchise history.”
  • Tom Ziller of SB Nation with a classic one-liner: “[I]n Dwight’s absence, Greg Monroe swallowed up the universe and produced 22 points and 11 rebounds.”