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Jul 02

Thank you Danny Nowell; Welcome Sean Highkin and Noam Schiller

490 days.

That’s the number of days in which Danny Nowell has been a part of Magic Basketball. However, today, on the 491st day, I’m here to announce that Danny will be stepping down as a contributing writer of MBN. He has taken his talents to the TrueHoop Network’s sister site, Portland Roundball Society, where he’ll be covering the Portland Trail Blazers moving forward from here. He recently moved to Portland from North Carolina, so Danny will not only write about the Blazers but cover the team as well.

Over the past 16 months, I’ve gotten to know Danny and I can safely say he’s the best writer I’ve ever worked with (by far) and he’s a good person, too. I consider him a friend and MBN was blessed to have him opine about the many wonders of Stan Van Gundy.

PRS and the Blazers’ fan base is in good hands.

Fortunately, even though MBN bids farewell to Danny, I’m happy to announce that Sean Highkin and Noam Schiller (both of Hardwood Paroxysm) will be joining MBN as the website’s two newest contributing writers. If you’re unfamiliar with either of their work, all you need to do is take a quick peek at Sean’s take on Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and his pursuit of Dwight Howard or Noam’s take on the validation of LeBron James’ transcendence after he captured his first NBA title with the Miami Heat and realize they’re tremendous writers with a seemingly never-ending passion for the NBA at large.

Sean’s and Noam’s roles at MBN will be similar to what Nate and Matt do — they’ll provide both an aerial view as well as a zoomed-in look at the Orlando Magic and NBA in general.

I think highly of Sean and Noam as writers. I hope in time you — the readers — will, too.


Good luck Danny in your new endeavors! Thanks for writing here. As for Noam and Sean welcome to Magicbasketball.


I'll greatly miss Danny's contributions to the site since he truly is a fantastic writer.  It was through him that I learned Jameer Nelson was like a fine boxed wine and that the Denver Nuggets were akin to cute sloths you see on TV.  I'll certainly be following him as he moves on to cover the Blazers.


Welcome to MBN Sean and Noam.  I look forward to reading your pieces.  I don't envy the situation you have come into.  Our team is...special.