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Nov 09

Friday’s Mini-Magic Word

  • Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “Given his reputation as a trigger-happy jump shooter, it’d be easy to conclude that Davis is settling for far too many long twos. That’s not exactly the case: he’s taken 37 long twos through four games, and while that’s a terribly high figure, it’s not as though he’s settling: he’s taken another 28 shots in the restricted area and 12 more in the paint, but outside the charge circle. The problem is that opposing teams haven’t had any trouble stonewalling him at the rim. Davis has made 14 shots in the charge circle… and has had 13 of his shots blocked.”
  • Magic fans will get a first-hand look at Brook Lopez in tonight’s game. Lopez, for those that don’t remember (and it’s hard not to), was the centerpiece of the Brooklyn Nets’ rumored trade offer — that lingered for a while — for Dwight Howard.
  • Glen Davis, dealing with some early-season struggles, received advice from a former Boston Celtics teammate — Kevin Garnett. This is what Davis had to say: “I talked to K.G. last night and he was telling me some great advice that could most definitely help me. He told me, `Now you’ve graduated. Now you’re a Navy Seal.’ And I see it.”
  • An injury update on Jameer Nelson, who will sit out of his fourth consecutive game with a strained groin and hamstring.
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