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Nov 26

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Paul Pierce got shook by Jameer Nelson in Sunday’s game between the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie: “Quite a few pundits, myself included, predicted the Magic to end the season with one of the lowest win totals in the NBA during 2012-13. We thought that the roster was still full of passable NBA players, the team wasn’t rebuilding with total scrubs, but only a coach that could secure a game-to-game output that was bigger than the sum of its parts could hope to stay competitive. And this is exactly what Magic coach Jacque Vaughn is doing as he leads his team toward competency, if not a winning record.”
  • Marc Stein of “Any relief the Magic feel about refusing to take back Andrew Bynum in the Dwight Howard deal has to be classified as conditional. What happens if Brook Lopez, whom they also could have snagged, keeps progressing from his current groove?”
  • Should head coach Jacque Vaughn be playing to win or playing to develop the Magic’s young players?
  • Orlando put up a fight against the Celtics in an overtime loss on Sunday.
  • Glen Davis compares Vaughn to Gandhi.
  • It’s clear that the Magic dodged a bullet with Andrew Bynum (out indefinitely). But will Orlando regret passing up on acquiring Brook Lopez when deciding to trade Dwight Howard? He’s currently on pace to have the best season of his career this year.
  • See Big Baby hustle. Or as Rob Mahoney of The Point Foward aptly puts it: “There’s good effort, there’s reckless hustle and then there’s Glen Davis.”
  • “The Magic continue to be surprisingly not that awful.”
  • Josh McRobert’s new nickname is “Mr. Versatile.”

I'm not surprised Lopez is playing well (I'm not a hater the way some of my other Magic fans are) but I still think it would've been the wrong move for the Magic to make.  His contract wasn't what we needed at this point.  We needed to clear the books a little bit.  I think the flexibility the Magic have going forward is more important than the play we would've gotten out of Lopez.

erivera7 moderator

@CarloSimone Agreed. I think it would have been suicide, especially with a more strict CBA to take into account, for the Magic to commit max dollars to Lopez.