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Jan 15

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Ish Smith had one of the most amazing plays you’ll see all season. In last night’s game against the Washington Wizards, Smith jumped over John Wall after biting on his pump fake, then recovered to block his shot.
  • The Orlando Magic have lost 11 of their past 12 games.
  • This headline says it all: “Jameer Nelson plays a perfect seven seconds, steals a ‘Walk the Dog’ attempt.”
  • On Wednesday, the Magic will face off against the Indiana Pacers for the first time since both teams met in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.
  • Orlando’s offense is better without Glen Davis, but their defense is better with him. That’s quite a conundrum. Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk tries to offer up a solution.
  • The Washington Wizards blew the Magic out at Verizon Center yesterday.
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