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Feb 07

3-on-3 roundtable: Which Magic player should be traded?


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With the trade deadline steadily approaching and the rumor mill continuing to churn, it remains to be seen if J.J. Redick or any other player for the Orlando Magic gets moved (if Glen Davis was healthy, his name would be listed below).

With the Magic (14-35) mired in a season-high 11-game losing streak and having lost 22 of their last 24 games, it should be no surprise that veterans on a rebuilding team are linked to trade rumors. Players like Redick are best served playing for a contender.

But which players for the Magic should be traded? Magic Basketball investigates.

Keep him or trade him: J.J. Redick

Nate Drexler: Keep him. Sure, he’s the most likely trade piece because every contender would love to have him. But how will that benefit Orlando? Redick is a staple in Orlando and the Magic aren’t going to be this bad forever. I would love to see him finish his career here.

Sean Highkin: Trade him. Redick has been the Magic’s best player this season by a considerable distance, but he’s in the final year of his contract and re-signing him will likely interfere with the rebuilding timeline Rob Hennigan has mapped out. There are plenty of teams who could use him and the Magic should be able to at least get a first round pick in return.

Noam Schiller: Trade him. Redick very well may be the team’s best player at the moment, but his deal is up this summer. If he’s not traded, the Magic could lose him for nothing. A team so early in the asset-gathering stage can’t afford that.

Keep him or trade him: Jameer Nelson

Drexler: Keep him. You can’t take the floor general out of the equation at this point. He sells tickets, the fans love him, and there’s not really a great option for a back-up point guard if you let him go. His age is a question too, as it will limit what you might get in return. While he’s invaluable to the Magic, he might not carry that same worth in a different city.

Highkin: Keep him. By default. If anyone is willing to take his contract off the Magic’s hands, then by all means. But he’s in the first year of a three-year contract that doesn’t become unguaranteed until the final year. He’ll be more valuable at next year’s deadline than this one.

Schiller: Keep him. I was opposed to the Nelson contract when they gave it, especially when the team wouldn’t pay Ryan Anderson. But there is literally no other serviceable point guard on the roster other than Jameer. He could probably net more value next year when that partially guaranteed third year is closer.

Keep him or trade him: Arron Afflalo

Drexler: Trade him. You could get some good value for Afflalo and his contributions on the court are limited. He’s one of those value guys that I could see multiple teams being interested in. If you could grab a piece or two for the price of one, then I say go for it.

Highkin: Trade him. Afflalo is a good player, but he’s one of the few on a long-term contract on the roster. He’s not so valuable to the Magic that they couldn’t move him for a rookie-scale talent or a pick if the opportunity presented itself.

Schiller: Keep him. If a good deal comes up, go for it. However, like Nelson, teams trying to acquire Afflalo would ask for a discount because of the length of his contract. Orlando should be in with this rebuild for the long haul — there’s no need to saddle themselves with artificial deadlines.

Brooks Thompson for MVP
Brooks Thompson for MVP

There's something about Afflalo that I just don't care for. He doesn't seem like a great fit for what the Magic seem to want. As much as I love JJ, unless he's willing to give Orlando a discount (which he likely won't, nor should he) we should probably trade him. As far as I'm concerned with Jameer, he can stay as long as he wants. He's one of the ones (Nick Anderson, Bo Outlaw, etc) that I can see being around when he's done playing.


Not a knock on Afflalo but he'd be the one I'd focus trade efforts on.  You'll get more value for JJ to be sure but I think the Magic can use him as they rebuild as Nate was suggesting.  But if a juicy pick and talented rookie player/contract is being offered then I don't know how you turn that down.  Jameer is pretty much untouchable because he offers more value to us than any other team.  He's basically working out this season the way we thought he would as a solid PG and veteran mentor.