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Feb 25

Monday’s Magic Word

  • John Denton of “After just a short time in Orlando, Udrih – a native of Slovenia – said he can see how Vaughn and several disciples from the Spurs are building something quite special in Orlando. While the Magic (15-41) are in full-blown rebuilding mode now, Udrih said the foundation and culture being established with the Magic will eventually become something that will prove to be highly successful.”
  • Tobias Harris, newly acquired from the Milwaukee Bucks in the J.J. Redick trade, is wearing Dwight Howard’s old number.
  • Sean Highkin with a thoughtful piece at Hardwood Paroxysm on the Orlando Magic’s rebuilding process: “There are other paths back to contention, but as Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, and LeBron himself have shown us, the best way for a small-market team to get great ad stay great is to land a transcendent, once-in-a-generation-level talent in the draft. That player doesn’t appear to be in this year’s draft, so the Magic are playing the long game and hoping for Wiggins or Jabari Parker.”
  • John Schuhmann of “The Magic added a couple more guys born in the ’90s that can help them down the line. But they’re obviously going to be a pushover for the next eight weeks (not that they haven’t been for the last eight weeks). Tobias Harris had a nice debut, with 14 points, six boards and three blocks against the Cavs on Saturday, but his jumper was off and 10 of the 14 points came against a garbage-time defense.”
  • The Magic have lost 16 of their last 17 games.
  • Orlando has some pieces to work with in Harris and Doron Lamb.