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Mar 15

Friday’s Magic Word

  • The Orlando Magic’s defense is in for a challenge against the Oklahoma City Thunder — owners of the league’s most efficient offense.
  • John Denton of “The Magic (18-47) will face the ultimate road challenge tonight when the play the Oklahoma City Thunder (48-17) at noisy Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Thunder have been especially good playing in front of their boisterous crowd, going 29-4 at home this season. To put into perspective just how much of a difference the home atmosphere means to the Thunder, they are just 19-13 on the road this season.”
  • Were Magic fans right to boo Dwight Howard on Tuesday? According to Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones, they were.
  • Adi Joseph of USA TODAY Sports predicts the Magic-Thunder game will be a blowout.
  • Matt Dollinger of Sports Illustrated compares Orlando’s season to The Hangover: “You had to expect this type of year after the Magic gave into Dwight Howard’s trade demands. Orlando has at least seen strong play from some of the pieces acquired in that deal — Arron Afflalo and Nikola Vucevic — but there are only two cures for this type of hangover: cap room and lottery picks. Luckily for Orlando, it’s assembling the pieces needed to shake this one off.”