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Apr 01

Monday’s Magic Word

  • John Schuhmann of “Tobias Harris set his career high in points twice last week, dropping 29 on the Bobcats and 30 on the Wizards, a game Orlando actually won! He has averaged 16.3 points and 8.0 boards in his 19 games with the Magic, who got Nikola Vucevic back from a five-game absence on Saturday, but lost Jameer Nelson to a sprained ankle and are without Arron Afflalo (torn hamstring) for the rest of the season.”
  • Marc Stein of “League Pass addicts will tell you that the Tobias Harris/Moe Harkless combo is enough to keep you reasonably entertained. Can’t co-sign that one. I suppose I can muddle through Magic games without Arron Afflalo or Big Baby Davis, but those five games sans Nikola Vucevic were rough.”
  • The Magic will be without Jameer Nelson (sprained ankle) against the Houston Rockets in tonight’s game.
  • On the flipside, the Rockets will likely be without James Harden (sore right foot) and Chandler Parsons (food poisoning).
  • Orlando’s top five plays from the month of March.
  • Getting back in transition will be a point of emphasis for the Magic, given that the Rockets lead the NBA in pace (96 possessions per game).