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Oct 08

Tuesday’s Mini-Magic Word

  • Maurice Harkless has worked on improving his jump shot.
  • Josh Cohen of OrlandoMagic.com has more on Harkless’ development: “Harkless spent countless hours this past summer improving his strength. It’s not a coincidence that he added 10 pounds of muscle in the offseason. We’ve seen other players around the league with similar talents like Paul George and Trevor Ariza make big strides after concentrated offseason training. Expect Harkless to be vastly enhanced – offensively and defensively – in his second NBA season.”
  • How much playing time will Victor Oladipo get at point guard? John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com offers his take.
  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Maxiell has worn a relatively fashionable pair of Wilson glasses during Magic practices. But soon he expects to receive goggles that resemble the eyewear Horace Grant donned during Grant’s days with the Chicago Bulls and the Magic. Maxiell doesn’t expect the new goggles to be ready for Wednesday night’s preseason opener against the New Orleans Pelicans in Jacksonville.”
  • Zach Lowe of Grantland provides his outlook on the Orlando Magic this season: “This is a developmental year for a team that’s finally going to walk into some serious long-term cap flexibility next summer — especially if they deal Jameer Nelson or buy out the final year of his contract.6 There are some interesting pieces here, and it was fun to watch Tobias Harris and Maurice Harkless stretch themselves when things fell apart last season. But Orlando’s defense collapsed without Glen Davis after a surprising 12-13 start, and its offense was never any good. It’ll have major issues spacing the floor, and each young guy will experience growing pains — especially if Jacque Vaughn gives Victor Oladipo heavy time as the team’s main playmaker.”

Well in all honesty , i wont be happy until oladipo and harkless are starting at both guard spots . Defensivly and offensively thats where they both need to be and everyone who is basketball smart knows it. In the summer they were talking about how they wanted him to get stronger to play the post and then tobias harris could be a SF . I disagree with that  I think it would be a horrible move if thats their goal. Just cause a guy has size and does good at rebounding dont mean he has to play in a frontcourt role. We have Jason Maxiell a great rebounder and Nick vucevic another great rebounder. I think our PF position is our weakest link defensively , but hey what do you expect .


Harkless just needs to focus on handling the ball better and shooting better !!!! Better FG %% Better FT % & Better Handling . Handling the ball better will help his game a lot . It will make him look like a more developed player. It will also help him create more oppurtunities to score and give him a better chance to lose the defender and get a easier shot off. Handles passing and Shooting should be his primary workout schedule from hear on out.!!!!! From a real magic fan please coach put him at the 2 guard . Let him cover lebron james again he looked good doing it last year.