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Nov 05

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Victor Oladipo can dunk and sing. He’s a master of all trades.
  • Miles Wray of The Classical: “After the Howard/Bynum trade scorched the earth for more than one NBA team, it is now obvious that Orlando—initially mocked for not acquiring any “big names” in the deal—definitively won the trade, acquiring their present nucleus of quiet, blue-collar hustlers. Meaning that a team with Stuff the Magic Dragon as its mascot is the same team most likely to appeal to the sort of hoop fundamentalists who appreciate a firmly set pick, tucked-in shirts, and no trash talk. They’re building towards something, whether we watch it or not.”
  • There are a number of reasons why Jameer Nelson, a veteran player on a rebuilding team, is still in Orlando.
  • That being said, Nelson is a perfect trade candidate for a playoff team.
  • No. Really. Oladipo can sing.
  • A look ahead at the storylines for the Magic’s games this week.
  • Oladipo’s top plays of the week.
  • Little by little, Orlando is getting better as a team, and it starts with the relentless work ethic of the young players on the roster.
  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel provides this statistical nugget: “Magic rookie guard Victor Oladipo has scored a total of 55 points in his first four regular-season games. According to George Galante, the Magic’s director of communications, only one other player in Magic history has scored more points in his first four games: Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal scored 100 points during the Magic’s 3-1 start in 1992-93.”
  • Former Magic player Grant Hill has transitioned smoothy into retired life.