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Nov 07

Thursday’s Magic Word

  • Nights like Nikola Vucevic’s 30-20 game reinforce the fact that the Dwight Howard trade worked out just fine for the Orlando Magic.
  • Vucevic earned an A for his performance against the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday.
  • DeAndre Jordan got thoroughly outplayed by Vucevic.
  • Head coach Doc Rivers talks about Glen Davis’ tenure with the Boston Celtics.
  • Josh Cohen of thinks the Magic’s win over the Clippers was more than impressive than their victory against the Brooklyn Nets.
  • John Denton of “Vucevic, 24, has blossomed into the complete package of a center for the surprising Magic because he has the rare combination of size, instincts, basketball IQ and work ethic. And because he’s just in his third NBA season, Vucevic seems to have plenty of room for growth even though he’s starting to fulfill his vast potential by constantly adding something to his game.”
  • The future is bright in Orlando.
  • Victor Oladipo has been committing a lot of turnovers so far this season, but David Thorpe of ESPN Insider suggests they’re correctable mistakes.
  • Marc Stein of “Based on the terms of the original Melo trade in February 2011, New York is required to send its 2014 first-round pick to Denver no matter where it falls. The Nuggets then have to send the worse of two picks – either its own 2014 first-rounder or New York’s – to Orlando as a condition of the four-team Dwight Howard blockbuster in August 2012. So that means Orlando, in the stunning event that the Knicks and Nuggets both unexpectedly miss the playoffs, would thus inherit one of Denver’s two lottery picks in one of the most-anticipated NBA lotteries ever.”