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Jan 03

Friday’s Magic Word

  • David Thorpe of ESPN Insider highlights what Victor Oladipo needs to improve on: There’s little doubt that, in the NBA, the more athletic a player is the better chance he has to be elite. Oladipo, who is already doing some amazingly athletic things nightly, is absolutely in line to be a top athlete in this league. But this game is also about skill and craft — two areas that he’s not yet consistent in. And that’s the key for Oladipo.”
  • Amin Elhassan of ESPN Insider says that Oladipo is the most intriguing player in the rookie class: His combination of explosive athleticism and strength, coupled with his defensive vigor, make him a possible “Kryptonite” for the super-athlete PGs who have taken over the league.”
  • “Orlando Magic are bringing back the best NBA jerseys ever.”
  • The Orlando Magic get an “F” for blowing the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Anderson Varejao (18 points, career-high 25 rebounds) took advantage of Nikola Vucevic’s absence (ankle).
  • The Magic could use a win versus the Miami Heat on Saturday to get over Thursday’s disappointing loss to the Cavaliers.
  • Matt Moore of with a descriptive breakdown of Orlando’s choke job: “Orlando hung in there and played a more balanced, more fundamental game. They built a seven point lead with 50 seconds remaining. It was over. And then an absolutely phenomenal tanking job ensued. It was heroic tanking. It was also sad.
  • So how exactly did the Magic lose a 10-point lead in 94 seconds to Cleveland? A team without Kyrie Irving? Dan Devine of Ball Don’t Lie details how.