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Jan 09

Thursday’s Magic Word

  • The Orlando Magic put up a fight against the Portland Trail Blazers for three quarters before succumbing to them in the fourth quarter.
  • Is Andrew Bynum an option for the Magic? The short answer is no, but the reasoning is worth a read.
  • Nikola Vucevic has been sent home to Central Florida to recover from his concussion, which he suffered on Monday versus the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • If Orlando decides to trade Arron Afflalo at the deadline, given that his stock will probably never be higher, what are some good fits for him?
  • Chad Ford of ESPN Insider: “The Magic loved Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart last season and could still take him No. 1 this year. However, I’m hearing lately that the Magic believe Victor Oladipo can make the transition to the point and want to swing for the fences with a player with a huge upside like Wiggins. Wiggins is less NBA-ready than several of the other players in consideration for the No. 1 pick, but his upside is so great, the Magic would have a hard time passing on him given their developmental curve.”
  • ESPN has rolled out their 2014 NBA Lotter Mock Draft machine. Try it out.