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Jan 14

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Zach Lowe of Grantland: “It has been a bit of a rough go for Oladipo after a promising start. He’s shooting just 41 percent, and an icy 29 percent from deep; he’s lost his starting spot twice; and his turnover rate is scary. But the dude plays hard, he gets to the line, and the Magic are right to stretch him a bit as a ball handler.”
  • The Orlando Magic got blown out on the road. What else is new?
  • Watching the Magic’s last eight games during their losing streak “have been a huge waste of time” as one writer puts it.
  • “Oladipo has a chance to become an elite scorer in the NBA.”
  • It was a rough West Coast road trip for Orlando, as they went 0-5, but that hasn’t stopped head coach Jacque Vaughn from finding positives.
  • Arron Afflalo is a worthy All-Star candidate.
  • Is it time to start Victor Oladipo at point guard and slide Jameer Nelson to the bench? Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel thinks so.
  • Matt Moore of CBSSports.com on Vaughn’s coaching job to date: “Vaughn seems to do more than you’d expect with this roster, just like he did last year, but then you look at the overall record. They seem to have a plan on offense and an idea on defense, but the translation of execution isn’t there. Still too early to judge Vaughn, but there’s some stuff there to like.”