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Mar 31

Monday’s Magic Word

  • John Schuhmann of “Nikola Vucevic averaged 22.7 points and 14.3 rebounds as the Magic beat two playoff teams (Portland and Charlotte) and almost knocked off another (Toronto) last week. With Vucevic a key piece, the consensus is that the Magic “won” the Dwight Howard trade, but they still have the league’s worst record (41-115, nine wins fewer than any other team) since the deal. That’s the opposite of winning.”
  • Jameer Nelson chipped his teeth during Sunday’s game against the Toronto Raptors. Even though he was wearing a mouthguard, it didn’t help. Ow.
  • Marc Stein of “They could still use a road win in 2014 against someone — anyone — besides Philly. But Orlando did end one notable drought last week with that stunning home W over Portland. The Blazers are the first team with a winning record to fall in the Magic Kingdom since Indy back on Feb. 9.”
  • Nikola Vucevic was key in the Magic’s wins over the Portland Trail Blazers and Charlotte Bobcats last week.
  • Some good news in Orlando.
  • Andrew Lynch of Hardwood Paroxysm on Nikola “Tesla” Vucevic and the Magic: “Because even as they lose, the Magic have their moments. The young players on the roster are talented, if raw, and capable of extraordinary bursts of play. Vucevic still falls into that category, but as with Orlando, there’s pressure to become what can be as quickly as possible. Vuc flashes his scoring and rebounding prowess with regularity, but his future will be defined by his defense. That’s something he’s still learning. Like the Magic, he’ll need time to get there. Like Orlando, he might not have it.”
  • Has Vucevic gotten better as a player this season? Zach Harper of isn’t so sure.