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Date registered: February 26, 2011

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Mar 14

Who’s to blame between the Magic and Dwight Howard?

Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images Well, it finally happened. Dwight Howard finally broke and said something to chum the waters for the rest of his career. After months of frustrating indecision which was not exactly helping Howard’s image, he finally provided his detractors some quotable ammunition, saying of his discussions with the Magic: “I told …

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Mar 12

Magic Basketball Weekly: A special Monday edition starring Dwight Howard

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images After some two weeks off from Magic Basketball Weekly (on account of a food illness thing and a trip to Boston to nerd out with the People From the Internet), I have returned to answer the tremendous backlog of all of the two emails that have been written …

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Feb 24

Magic Basketball Weekly: Welcome to the first annual Orlando Magic Starzz Competition

All-Star weekend is upon us and Magic fans can take this weekend to celebrate the several players being recognized as examples of a franchise peaking, to honor Orlando’s several All-Stars, and reflect on how well-run this franchise is. Alternatively, we could drink heavily, and ignore the media inquiries that will start to gnaw at what …

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Feb 24

No clear end in sight for the Magic

Jim O’Connor/US Presswire I’ve been flying a lot lately, and I don’t mind saying that I’m not the world’s greatest flyer. I’m not, you know, a total basket case about it — I think I’m able to sit in my seat and maintain what most people would say is a normal, masculine demeanor — but …

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Feb 17

Magic Basketball Weekly: Superman I vs. Superman II

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images Ugh, Shaq. By now, you’ve almost certainly read his latest stupid attempts to needle Dwight Howard, saying it would be a “travesty” if Howard left Orlando. Which is immediately ridiculous, because, you know … Shaq did that. I’m not the first person commenting on this story, but this …

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Feb 10

Magic Basketball Weekly: Orlando’s Jekyll and Hyde act

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images Well, that does it, y’all. I’m officially terrified to write anything about this year’s Magic team. Seriously. They win five straight games and I write about how hopeful I am? Time to lose four straight! If I despair over the losses and the obvious roster shortcomings? Let’s …

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Feb 03

Magic Basketball Weekly: Regrettably watching the Super Bowl

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images I’m sure you guys care an awful lot, but after weeks of deliberation I have decided that I am in fact going to watch the Super Bowl. It’s not merely that two of my four least favorite teams are playing, it’s just that over the past year, I’ve lost most …

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Jan 27

Magic Basketball Weekly: Beer and basketball

It’s time to have a society intervention, friends. A sickness has blossomed into an epidemic, and unless we do something, it may become a permanent problem. I’m talking about “S**t Girls Say” and all of the spinoff videos that have forced me to unsubscribe to otherwise decent friends on Facebook. The first one, very funny. …

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Jan 26

When chemistry and mental toughness collide

AP Photo/Charles Krupa Ah, last week, ‘twas so very long ago. Back in those distant, sunnier times, the Magic were as foals, tottering around in the warming naivete of the new season, kicking their legs and just beginning to grasp their potential as thoroughbreds. It was in those carefree days that J.J. Redick told the …

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Jan 20

Magic Basketball Weekly: Let’s talk about the Magic

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images Today is a happy day for me, the culmination of a dream I’ve had lo these many weeks. Or two weeks. This is the week, dear readers, when you stepped up to the plate and offered me not two, not even three, but no fewer than FIVE emails …

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