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Sep 24

Disney Parks Join Orlando Magic, Amway Center as a “Champions of the Community” Sponsor


Photo by Orlando Magic

Via the Orlando Magic:

With blue and silver pixie dust in hand, Mickey Mouse today presented the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard with a “mouse warming” gift in celebration of the team’s new home and a multi-year agreement making Disney Parks a “Champions of the Community” sponsor for the franchise and Amway Center.

“We are honored to have the global brand of Disney, which has been such a fixture of this community for nearly 40 years, join us as a ‘Champions of the Community’ sponsor,” said Orlando Magic President Alex Martins. “As a long-standing member of the Central Florida community, Disney has established a great legacy that we hope to build upon at the Amway Center. We look forward to working together to make continued impact on our Central Florida community for one common purpose… becoming champions both on and off the court.”

Through the new agreement, the Orlando Magic and Disney Parks will seek opportunities to work together on outreach initiatives that benefit the community. The agreement also makes Disney Parks the presenting sponsor of the Amway Center atrium, gives Disney and the Orlando Magic the opportunity to develop and sell co-branded merchandise and provides the foundation for a variety of other marketing and community opportunities.

“As you would expect, Disney believes in Magic,” said Ken Potrock, senior vice president of Disney Sports Enterprises. “This agreement is a natural extension of Disney’s ongoing support for the downtown venues and serves as another example of our company’s efforts to further enhance the quality of life and make dreams come true across our region.”

Disney Parks joins GEICO, PepsiCo, AirTran Airways and Harris Corporation as “Champions of the Community”. Opening October 1, the Amway Center, which will be operated by the City of Orlando and owned by the Central Florida community, will compete to host major national events, concerts and family shows and serve as the new home of the Orlando Magic.

Sep 23

Thursday’s Magic Word

  • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: “Let’s face it, the Nuggets, if they trade Anthony, are essentially starting over and would almost certainly want to go younger. So here’s the deal: The Nuggets trade Anthony, aging point guard Chauncey Billups and a couple of throw-ins to the Magic for Jameer Nelson, Marcin Gortat, Vince Carter’s expiring contract and a combination of players that might include J.J. Redick (or Mickael Pietrus), Brandon Bass, etc. This scenario gives the Magic another superstar in Anthony and a championship point guard in Billups, who probably has one or two good years left in his 35-year-old legs. The consummation of this deal would give the Magic a roster that at least comes close to matching the star power of the Miami Heat. The deal would also give the Nuggets a couple of good building blocks for their reclamation project. NBA personnel people always say that the two hardest pieces to acquire are a good point guard and decent big man. This trade would give the Nuggets a really good point guard in Nelson (a veteran leader who is only 28 years old) and a good, young center — a true center — in Gortat. They also get a great shooter and potential starter in Redick, and some frontcourt depth in Bass. The danger of this deal for the Magic is that it changes the entire chemistry and camaraderie of the team.”
  • The trade that Bianchi proposes is nothing more than a lateral move, at best.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post asserts that Dwight Howard needs to continue to be the focal point of the offense for the Orlando Magic: “Again, Howard is already a solid low-post player, if not always a joy to watch. Even if he never develops a “signature move,” or whatever, that jump hook from the left block is a fairly reliable option so long as he remembers to go up straight rather than fading. There aren’t many defenders who can keep up with him when he drives baseline, nor many schemes that can contain him without yielding open looks to his teammates. I also believe the most important addition to his arsenal would be a series of fakes and hesitation moves to make his attempts more difficult to time. While turnovers are a concern, he’s a better passer than their totals would indicate. Perhaps this skill is entirely too esoteric to be useful in evaluating a player, but I don’t think there’s a more effective off-the-dribble passer, at Howard’s position, in the entire league. His ability to make an on-target, one-handed pass to the weak side as he comes across the lane is too often overlooked, and is particularly key in Orlando’s offense, which often stations a knockdown shooter on the weakside wing just to be there in case opponents send a delayed double at Howard from that direction.”
  • Daniel Orton may need knee surgery.
  • The ratings of the Magic’s starting lineup for NBA 2K11 are revealed.
  • How does Orlando make a return trip to the NBA Finals? Howard provides an answer: “Just being consistent. Being physical, tough. I don’t think there’s a team that’s forgotten about us. Every team is looking forward to playing the Magic and they know we’re a tough team. Other people may have forgotten about our team, which is cool, because we’ve always been underdogs, underestimated. That doesn’t really matter. We don’t play to prove ourselves to people, we play to win a championship.”
  • Howard also makes an appearance on ESPN Radio.
  • Could Josh Smith usurp Howard as Defensive Player of the Year this season? Andrew Macaluso of Dime Magazine takes a look (warning: some of the WARP numbers are being misrepresented): “Going into his seventh season, Smith is ready to challenge for the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award. Smith placed second in the DPOY voting last season behind Dwight Howard in a landslide, Howard’s second straight honor. And while Dwight could easily put together a string of 4-5 trophies in a row recognizing him as the game’s top defender, Smith is improving at such a high rate that he can very well snatch the award from right under Howard’s nose.”
  • More Howard quotes! This is funny: “Actually, I had one of those dreams this season. It wasn’t the Clippers, it was just some team in Cincinnati. I’m like, ‘How did they get an NBA team?’ It was so scary. I woke up and I went to the gym and I was talking to everybody like, ‘Thank you for having me on the team.’ They were like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I was like, ‘Oh, it was a dream.’ It was so real. They was like, ‘Dwight, we know you’re averaging 20 points and 13 rebounds, but we’re going a different way?’ I’m like, ‘What way do you want to go?’ They’re like, ‘Well, we’re going to trade you to the Cincinnati team. We’re looking to go younger.’ I’m like, ‘I’m only 24.’ They’re like, ‘Well, we wanna go younger.’ And they got rid of me and the nightmare was so scary.”

Sep 23

The Orlando Magic Go Green

Via the Orlando Magic:

In an effort to fully integrate into the world of “green,” for the third straight year the 2010-11 Magic Media Guide has gone digital and is now available to fans via at [this link here].

The Orlando Magic is undergoing a company-wide green initiative, which will be punctuated by having the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified originally designed and constructed professional basketball arena – the new Amway Center. The Orlando Magic’s media guide is part of other Magic “green” activities, including other efforts such as:

  • An in-game recycling program and an Orlando Magic front office recycling program.
  • A partnership with “Rock and Wrap it Up” to take leftover food after Magic games to shelters and food banks.
  • The development of a Magic staff incentive program to “go green” in the Magic front office.
  • A variety of community programs that are in the works to spread the “green” message.

Sep 23

Recapping Dwight Howard’s Trip to China

Sep 23

Dwight Howard Looks to Avenge Last Season

Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Via Ken Berger of

It all started out innocently enough, with Dwight Howard doing what he does best. Not dunking or blocking shots or searching far and wide for his killer instinct. Instead, Howard was holding court at the NBA Store Wednesday, bringing the house down with his smile and his personality.

But after he was done modeling the NBA’s new, lighter, sweat-proof, revolutionary adidas uniforms — available for only $350 at your local retailer — Howard spoke with the kind of edge and tenacity you long to see him play with on a nightly basis. After he was finished delighting the crowd with Frank Caliendo-like impressions of Stan Van Gundy and Charles Barkley, Howard turned his attention toward the two enormous challenges in his path with training camp about to open: Avenging the [Orlando] Magic‘s embarrassing loss to the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, and proving that the Heat didn’t win the NBA title with a few free-agent signings in July. […]

And so there you have it — but only part of it. Is Howard, trying to shake the label of being the guy who puts the gentle in giant, aggravated by all the attention being showered upon division rival Miami? Damn right he is. Is that all? Nope.

What has stung Howard all summer — from the weight room to the practice court, where he’s been known to shoot 1,000 jumpers a day — is the humiliation he experienced at the hands of the Celtics at the end of May. That, more than anything, had Howard vowing Wednesday that his days of playing Mr. Nice Guy are over. […]

Listening to Howard Wednesday convinced me that’s about to change. Even if Miami signs free-agent center Erick Dampier, Howard is the one player in the league capable of exploiting the Heat inside and making their flashy free agents wish they’d never united. If he can play every game, every quarter, every minute with the memory of the Boston loss and all this premature celebration in Miami on his mind, no one will be able to stop him.

“They have good players,” Howard said of the Heat. “Every team has good players. I think what that did for a lot of guys on my team is, it kind of motivated our guys: ‘Hey, we’re going to show people what we’re made of.’ And it’s good. It’s good for guys who needed that extra motivation to get them where they want to get to.”

Such as, you know, Howard himself. He didn’t say it, but he understood that he was part of the problem. That’s why this summer, Howard sought out some of the greatest ever to play — Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone, and a mystery mentor he refused to name — to get advice on how to get past this hurdle.

The hurdle of failure.

That’s what Dwight Howard is trying to overcome this season.

After the Orlando Magic lost to the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals and the Miami Heat signed LeBron James and Chris Bosh in free agency, there’s been a lot of chatter about the shift of hierarchy in the East.

The Heat, by virtue of signing James — the best player in the league — and teaming him up with Wade and Bosh, have emerged as the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. And even though not many people expect the Celtics to finish better than No. 3 in the conference, there’s no question that they can’t be counted out in the title mix after their renaissance in the playoffs last year.

Where does that leave the Magic?

Well, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Orlando finish with one of the best records in the NBA and flirt with the top seed in the East. But in the end, it comes down to matchups in the postseason and there is some skepticism as to whether or not the Magic are capable of beating the Heat and the Celtics in a seven game series.

Yet there is one player for Orlando that has the power to dictate the outcome in either scenario.

That man is Howard.

If Howard is able to make a similar leap on offense as he did on defense a few years ago, then the Magic will be in good shape against the other elite teams in the league. It’s very clear that Howard understands that, given that he’s sought out the help of Hakeem Olajuwon in the off-season, and seems motivated to prove some of the critics that are not giving Orlando much of a chance against Miami and Boston. Ultimately, it’s up to Howard to make a difference for the Magic.

Sep 22

The Orlando Magic are Officially Back in Black

Photo by Dime Magazine

After ceasing to exist following the 1997-1998 NBA season, the black alternate jerseys make their triumphant return for the Orlando Magic and they are beautiful.

Just beautiful.

Sep 22

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • John Denton of “The Orlando Magic likely won’t win any national praise for the changes that they made to their roster this offseason what with division rival Miami Heat adding all-stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh. But Magic coach Stan Van Gundy feels that those changes will make the Magic significantly better this season – and that’s saying something considering that Orlando won 59 games last season and almost got back to the NBA Finals for a second consecutive spring. […] In [Quentin] Richardson, Van Gundy feels the Magic made an upgrade at small forward, especially in the 3-point shooting department. And [Chris] Duhon gives the Magic a smart and steady player capable of being a reserve or a starter should [Jameer] Nelson suffer an injury. Those might seem like minor changes, but Van Gundy feels those two additions could have a huge impact.”
  • Check out Dwight Howard in the new adidas NBA Revolution 30 uniform.
  • George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Could Carmelo Anthony join the Orlando Magic to take on the Axis of Evil in Miami? Wow, that would be fantastic! Let’s make it happen! Please repeat after me: No, no and no. The Magic don’t have the assets to offer the Denver Nuggets to make the deal happen. It’s that simple. Some fans bless ‘em, think that the Nuggets would be dumb enough to take on the bloated contracts of Rashard Lewis, and the bloated expiring contract of Vince Carter as part of the deal. Not going to happen.”
  • Could Ryan Anderson have a chance at being the most improved player on the Magic roster this season? Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post investigates: “Ryan Anderson appears to be a solid candidate. The 22-year-old power forward shot 37 percent from three-point range and averaged eight rebounds per 36 minutes played last year, the third-best figure on the team. His iffy man-to-man defense, along with his itchy trigger finger (he used nearly one-quarter of the Magic’s possessions when on the court last season; only Carter ended more) conspired to keep him out of the rotation. Improvement in those areas would go a long way toward establishing him as the clear backup to Rashard Lewis and helping him earn more than the 14.4 minutes per game he averaged last season.”
  • General manager Otis Smith drops some knowledge: “I don’t think we had to go out and make wholesale changes. Sometimes with continuity, improvement can take place.”
  • If it were up to Howard, he’d take Kevin Durant over LeBron James.
  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel: “I’ve received plenty of feedback on the Magic’s ticket prices this season — mostly negative — so I wanted to clear up a few things. Here are a few more notes on the Magic’s policy. […] All ticket prices won’t be set in stone at the beginning of the year. A ticket price could rise or fall depending on trades and injuries. If, say, the New Jersey Nets traded for Carmelo Anthony, the price of that ticket could go up. Similarly, the price of the Nuggets ticket might go down in that situation. Tickets could only change prices before they’ve gone on sale, obviously.”
  • John Perrotto of Basketball Prospectus recaps the Pat Riley-Stan Van Gundy feud.

Sep 22

Orlando Mayor Dyer Invites Every Central Florida Resident to the Amway Center Community Open House

Via Amway Insider

Via the Orlando Magic:

On Saturday, Oct. 2, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Orlando Mayor Dyer Buddy Dyer invites Central Florida residents to a Community Open House at the Amway Center. Residents will get a first-hand look at all of the fan amenities and state-of-the-art technology available only in Downtown Orlando’s new events center.

This is a free, ticketed event featuring self-guided tours, entertainment and local performances, free popcorn and soda and commemorative items to celebrate this historic accomplishment. Representatives from the Orlando Magic and Orlando Predators will also be on-hand.

Residents can experience a “taste of the Amway Center” with a sampling of the newest food offerings available for purchase.

The self-guided tour of the Amway Center will take patrons through the most technologically-advanced events center in the country, showcasing two levels of spacious concourses that include an impressive array of concessions; a stop along the way so the kids can climb STUFF’S Magic Castle, then up to the contemporary, open-air setting of Gentleman Jack’s Terrace, then up 100 feet to the Sky Bar spotlighting some of Downtown Orlando’s best views; and then back down to the lower bowl where you can see the largest arena score board in the country.

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Sep 22

A Look at the Orlando Magic’s “Franchise Five”


On Thursday, gave fans the opportunity to determine the five ultimate players for every franchise in the NBA. Voting commenced for several days and for the Orlando Magic, the players chosen were Penny Hardaway at point guard, Tracy McGrady at shooting guard, Grant Hill at small forward, Rashard Lewis at power forward, and Shaquille O’Neal at center.

However, are these the correct choices?

We can find out.

Utilizing linear metrics like statistical plus/minus, PER, and Win Shares/48, it is easy to determine which players for the Magic should have been chosen based on their production. Hardaway and McGrady were no-brainers, so there’s no need to go over their statistics.

It’s a little difficult to quantify a player’s impact and influence on the team since there are a number of variables involved, but these are some things be taken into account on a smaller scale since those intangibles do matter.

So without further ado, let’s begin.


Grant Hill v. Hedo Turkoglu

Grant Hill GP MP PER stat. +/- Win Shares/48
2000-2001 4 33.3 18.1 +2.11 .126
2001-2002 14 36.6 16.7 -1.48 .108
2002-2003 29 29.1 20.8 +0.63 .144
2004-2005 67 34.9 20.0 +0.99 .136
2005-2006 21 29.2 19.0 +1.53 .130
2006-2007 65 30.9 16.3 -0.11 .123
Hedo Turkoglu GP MP PER stat. +/- Win Shares/48
2004-2005 67 26.2 16.0 -0.90 .092
2005-2006 78 33.5 16.7 +1.87 .140
2006-2007 73 31.1 14.2 +0.96 .105
2007-2008 82 36.9 17.8 +1.92 .143
2008-2009 77 36.6 14.8 +0.96 .125

Hill: NBA All-Star (2005) | Turkoglu: NBA Most Improved Player (2008)

If we’re comparing the totality of both players’ careers, there would be no debate about the choice since Hill — at his absolute best — was a top 10 player in his prime with the Detroit Pistons before injuries derailed his career. However, we’re strictly looking at Hill and Turkoglu during their tenures with the Magic and that’s where things get interesting.

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Sep 21

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: “Seriously? Shaq wants us to believe he is rooting for the Magic and the City of Orlando to win a championship? That’s funny because two years ago when the [Orlando] Magic were playing the Lakers in the finals, Shaq tweeted that he was rooting for Kobe and the Lakers. Or was that a PR ploy, too, Shaq? And was it a PR ploy when you called Orlando a “dried-up little pond?” And was it a PR ploy when you ripped Dwight and called him an ”imposter?” And was it a PR ploy when you called Magic coach Stan Van Gundy a “bum” and a “nobody” and a “master of panic?” If that’s Shaq’s idea of selling tickets then I’m not buying. Even worse, it sounds now like O’Neal is trying to befriend Dwight [Howard], which is absolutely frightening news if you’re a Magic fan.”
  • Breaking down the new suites at the Amway Center.
  • Josh Cohen of talks about diet and nutrition. Pretty neat breakdown.
  • Get to know more about Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “About six weeks ago, I pointed out that a Dwight Howard action figure available for preorder on could offer a preview of the Orlando Magic’s as-yet-unrevealed black alternate uniform. This uniform appears in the current issue of SLAM Magazine, on newsstands now, which further fuels speculation that the team will unveil it soon. Twitter user @justinrcole posted an image on his account this morning. Independently–which is to say, “unofficially”–I’ve heard that the Magic indeed plan to introduce the uniform this season, though my source says there’s “no timetable” as to when. […] If the latest issue of SLAM is any indication, though, the black uniforms will happen. It’s only a matter of time.”
  • Dwight Howard is going to make a cameo appearance in New York. From a press release posted at SLAM ONLINE: “All 30 NBA teams will wear the new uniforms beginning this season. To commemorate this historic occasion, adidas and the NBA will produce limited edition, collectible authentic jerseys numbered and boxed with a seal of authenticity. Player jerseys were made in limited edition runs of 50, 100, 250 or 500 and are numbered sequentially and authenticated by Panini so that each boxed jersey is a unique collector’s item.”
  • Check out the top blocks of the 2009-2010 season.
  • According to Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie, “I” is for isolation plays: “[…] there are several types of isolation plays to choose from. A dump down to Dwight Howard against (initial) single coverage is technically an isolation play, but as much as we respect Dwight on both ends, you rarely see this type of play called. You rarely see it even for the low-post scorers that can hit free throws. Usually, you know, it’s for the hot shot. And the hot shots, as you’ve known them since grade school, are the ones that can dribble the ball. They’re not passing unless the defender hacks a limb off.”
  • Don’t expect Carmelo Anthony to be traded to the Orlando Magic. Why? Because, surprisingly enough, the Magic don’t have the requisite assets that the Denver Nuggets are looking for.
  • Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook examines some backdoor lob plays.
  • Head coach Stan Van Gundy is one of the top defensive coaches in NBA history, though it certainly helps to have Howard as the anchor of his defenses.
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