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Aug 10

Magic Basketball Mailbag, 8/10/10

Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images Here’s another installment of the Magic Basketball Mailbag. _______ Is this year “THE year” for Orlando to win it all? Won’t one season of gelling and next year’s mid-level exception make Miami unstoppable? It’s way too early to tell. There are too many variables involved. The Miami Heat could be …

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Jun 30

Addressing the Gilbert Arenas Conundrum

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images Gilbert Arenas. At the peak of his powers, Arenas was — regarded by many — as a quirky and eccentric player that had many memorable moments on and off court. Unfortunately for Arenas, he made some bad decisions this season when he brought unloaded firearms into the …

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Jun 09

2009-2010 Player Evaluation: Mickael Pietrus

Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images Synergy-fueled player evaluations, with the help of other metrics, are always fun. Today, the small forwards. 2009-2010 regular season Mickael Pietrus Games Played 75 Minutes Played 22.5 adj. +/- -9.32 net +/- -7.2 statistical +/- -0.36 PER 11.9 WARP -0.1 Win Shares/48 .103

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